Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Complete Sister Missionary Packing List

Updated list as of April 2014. I have edited this list since I first left for my mission, as I have a little more experience with what is really needed. 

I leave in a little over 3 months for my mission. Packing is one of my least favorite things to do. Anytime we travel I usually pack the day I leave or late at night the night before. When I pack for my mission I hope I don't procrastinate that much but we will see. I am so worried I will forget something but I know it will be fine. Here is my list of things I am not leaving home without! I hope this helps someone else as they prepare for their mission.

You can also watch this awesome video by International Luggage on the best way to pack your suitcase so when you get the field it's easy to hit the ground running!

Spiritual Preparation
-          Finish Book of Mormon
-          Memorize Articles of Faith
-          Read D&C
-          Study and become more familiar with Bible
-          Share testimony repeatedly
-          Finish online mission prep
-          Study PMG, focus on Ch.1, 3-6 (Strong focus on Ch 3)
-          Go to Mission Prep class
-          Go on splits with the Sister Missionaries/Ward Missionaries

Language Preparation
-          Study at least an hour a day
-          Use and mango languages!

Physical Preparation
-          Work out at least 1 hour a day
-          Carry at least 10 lbs so you get used to carrying all of the missionary supplies

Bags and Suitcases
-          A larger cross-body purse
-          A smaller cross-body purse
-          Backpack/Shoulder bag
-          2 suitcases (62 dimensional inches)
-          1 carry-on suitcase (45 dimensional inches)
-          Luggage Tags
-          Camera case
-          Toiletry bags
-          Scripture case
-          Passport holder (waist)
            >Check with your mission, they may keep your passport in the office,                if that is the case, you really don't need to spend money on this. 

-          14 regular garments
-          2 white running sports bras
-          3 white bras/nude
-          3 slips (white, black, tan)
-          3 white Boyfriend Halftee shirts (high quality, long lasting)
-          1 black Boyfriend Halftee shirts (high quality, long lasting)

-          3 Dressy flats for Sundays
-          2 pairs of good quality walking shoes (black & brown)
-          Waterproof black flats - If you are going somewhere where it rains a lot                and is sunny.
-          Black waterproof boots
-          2 pair shower flip flops
-          1 pair of slippers
-          Tennis shoes (used for woring out & Service)
-          10 pairs of ped socks (6 nude/4 black)
-          5 pairs of running socks

Workout Clothes
-          3 short sleeved running shirts
-          2 Knee-length shorts
-          1 Running pants (leave at home if you are going somewhere hot)

Service & Sleep time clothes 
-          2 pairs of PJ pants or 2 pairs of PJ shorts (depends on where you serve)
-          2 pj t-shirts
-          1 pairs of jeans (used for Service & Pday)
-          1 robe

Outer wear 
-          1 hoodie
-          1 light weight rain coat & 1 light weight rain coat waist length
       1 jacket & 1 peacoat (if you go somewhere cold) 
-          2 blazers (black and a fun color)
-          5 cardigans (solids and prints)(if you go somewhere hot, leave at home)

Everyday Wash and Wear 
-          10 skirts (4 print & 6 solid)
       3 - 4 dresses
-          8 shirts (2 white, 2 black, 4 colored)
-          Belts, belts, and more belts
-          Earrings, bracelets, necklaces
-          2 small leather watches & batteries

Bathroom Supplies
-          2  micro-fiber bath towels OR 2 regular towels (depends on where you                serve) 
-          1 face towel
-          Face wash
-          Face lotion
-          Mascara
-          Eyeshadow
-          Makeup brushes
-          Eyeliner
-          Chap stick, lip gloss, favorite lip butters!
-          Body wash
-          Razor, Refills, and Shaving cream
-          Perfume
-          Deodorant
-          Body lotion
-          Nail polish
-          Toothbrush
-          Toothpaste
-          Floss
-          Hair spray
-          Hair brush
-          Hair ties
-          Bobby pins, lots of
-          Mini Blow drier
-          Curling iron
-          Straightener
-          Shampoo
-          Conditioner
-          Feminine supplies (Enough for 18 months – tampons & pads for foreign)
-          Midol (Enough for 18 months if serving foreign)

Protection from the elements
-          Umbrella
-          Insect Repelent (contains DEET, 20%-35%)
-          Sunscreen 45 SPF
-          Aleo vera

-          2 flat twin sheets
       2 fitted sheets
-          2 pillow cases
-          Blanket or Comforter
-          Small travel pillow

Other items 
-          Alarm clock with no radio
-          Tide TO GO pens
-          Small photo album
-          Workout Book
-          Hair style book
-          Recipe book
-          Address book
-          Stamps
-          Envelopes
-          CD’s with CHURCH MUSIC or USB
-          First Aid Kit (multi-vitamins, cold meds, decongestant, fever reducer, pain reliever, anti- diarrhea meds, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, anti –fungal cream, band aids)
-          Diabetic Medical ID bracelet
-          2 sets of Glasses (cases and cloth to clean glasses)
-          Sewing Kit
-          Thermometer
-          Laundry Bag
-          Hair dye 2 boxes
-          Space bags
-          Gallon zip lock bags to carry items in my backpack
-          Duck tape
-          Flash light
-          Batteries

Church studying
-          My Scriptures
-          Permanent markers
-          Journal
-          Spiral notebooks
-          Pens, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters
-          Copy of blessing
-          Copy of call letter
-          Mission approved books
-          Pedigree chart (4 generations back)

Medical Items
-          Prescription for any perscibed pills
-          Prescription for Eye glasses

Items to not leave home without!
-          Current temple recommend
-          Government issued ID
-          Immunizations Record
-          DMV Driving Record
-          Passport & Visa
-          Give parents a copy of all cards/items taking in my wallet (front and back)
-          $200 dollars for travelling expensive
-          Quarters to make calls from the airport
-          Sign Power of Attorney for Mom & Sister
-          Give LastPass login/password to Mom & Sister
-          Make sure School Loan is deferred
-          Sign papers for tax information while I am gone

I hope this helps you future sister missionaries!

Hermana Weller


  1. this is so helpful! thank you :)

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you so much! Keep posting things like this. I want to be so prepared! I'm submitting my papers soon! :)

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  4. This was soo helpful to check of what I had and what I needed! Thanks!

  5. Does all of that really fit in two suitcases?

  6. Definitely a thorough list, but if you approach it with that discretion, it's great!

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