Monday, February 23, 2015

What is the most important thing in your life?

Hello Family!!!

This week has been so great for Sister O and I! If you missed it last week I am staying in SFS until the end of my mission!!! I am super excited because I only now finally feel like I know some of the members. We have been working really hard to get to know them and help them to trust us and work with us. I just LOVE THE MEMBERS. They are really like family when missionaries are away from their own families. 

This week we have been working with the C family. They are a less active family who is working on coming back to church and prepare to go to the temple. Every time we go they are so excited to see us and I know that they can feel the spirit. We are hoping that their entire family gets to come to church soon so that they can make these steps together.  

We also went back to see Nelly, she is a lady in her 40s who grew up being of a different faith and since about a week ago started meeting with us. We had such a powerful lesson with her the other day were we talked about how the Gospel blesses us and our families and she told us she wants to be baptized the only thing is that she isn't married. We are going to help her by starting to meet with her boyfriend and get him to come to church too.

Our other investigator Edgar wasn't able to make it to church this past weekend so we were a bit bummed. He ended up having to work again so he wasn't able to make it. One thing that was so amazing was we visited him during the week and we talked about how we believe in the Godhead and how we can improve our personal relationship with him. We then closed with a prayer and he said that he has always had a relationship with God but he didn't understand why it was so important to improve it.

Lupe, a woman we have been meeting with since November came to church this weekend!!! We had not been able to see her in about a week and a half, but we called her on Saturday night and reminded her about church and she came! She said that is made the different for her because when she came she felt the spirit and it gave her the motivation she needed to continue to overcome her problems. We then saw her on Sunday night and she thanked us for continuing to go and see her and help her. She called us her angels! 

In between seeing our investigators and members we have also been talking with 20 new people a day. Something we have been asking people we talk too is what is the most important thing in your life? Most people respond with family. Really that is how I normally would have responded too but then someone said their belief in God. When we asked why, they said because without their belief in God and in the importance of family relationships their families wouldn't mean anything. It really hit me, my family means everything to me but without knowing the importance of families in the eyes of God, it wouldn't matter. We saw the same thing with one of recent converts. We read The Family - A Proclamation to the World with them and they said they knew what they needed to work on together as a family. They are so excited to put these things in practice. 

My invitation this week is for you to read it and see what you may need to change in your families and lives to come closer to Christ. Will you read it?

I love you!! Have such a great week!

Hermana Weller

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Monday, February 2, 2015

We can all be FREED

How is the month of February!! The month of love!!???

This week has been so great. My back and neck still hurt but I am thankful that Sister F and I were able to go to Physical Therapy. We were both given a few stretches to do that will help! I have been so full of joy this week as we have been able to work.

To start this week was GREAT AND FULL OF JOY!!  

To share a quick miracle or two, Sister Franks and I were making calls one day while we were in our house and we talked to a man named Henry on the phone. We had called him a few times, he told us he wanted to learn more and so we setup an appointment for him to meet us at the church building. When he meet us at the church building he said that he remembered talking with and visiting with missionaries when he was a small kid. He said they even went to the Visitors Center. When we asked him the last time he talked with missionaries he said it was when he was 10 and he is now almost 30. Well we meet with Henry and invited him to come to church and on Sunday he came. He also brought his girlfriend who also has talked with missionaries before about 5 years ago. The Lord helped us to find Henry I know it! 

We have been praying specifically for 20 conversations all day and to ask people to be baptized and we are doing that. The other night we needed 4 more conversations so we said a prayer as we left our investigators house and we decided to walk in the opposite direction of our car. When we followed that inspiration we found 4 new people to teach. Two couples! One of them recently lost her mother and just moved into the trailer park we were visiting. She said that she loved hearing messages about Christ and invited us back for this week. She said that she needs to find peace.

We went to the Visitors Center with Lupe again this week to focus on the Atonement. We walked around and saw the Witnesses of Christ and Lupe could feel the spirit so strong. She said it is really helping her to keep her desire to stay clean from all of the things she used to use. She has been clean for a week! She also started AA classes this week with a member of our ward so that she can get help and support. We are so excited to see where Lupe goes. We know that she can continue to work towards baptism once her body is ready to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. When we were at the Visitors Center we watched a Mormon Message called We Can ALL BE FREED. WATCH THIS VIDEO.

We also had one of our less active members at church this weekend. She told us she wants to start coming back and go to the temple for the first time. She shared her testimony and so did her daughter Samantha. They both have such strong testimonies and we are so excited to continue to work with their family and help them prepare to go to the temple.

We also had a lesson about Faith with one of my favorite families! We planted seeds and the little kids have been watering them and they are growing!! It is so cute because each time we go to see them we stop and see what they look like and how they are doing. Their family is growing so strong as well.

Also, I got a new companion this week she is from Texas! Her name is Sister O. She is the other Hispanic in all my future pictures. :)

Love Hermana Weller

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