About Me

Just a tad about Hermana Weller...

Hello! y Hola!
First my name is AnnaAlicia.
 (I have never meet someone with my same name)

I am a member of the LDS church
my birthday is every May
i am 28
I have 5 nieces and 5 nephews
I am the oldest daughter in a family of 7

I am on the far left...
and I am currently serving as a missionary for 18 months
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

And so I thought I would share my story with you...

I graduated high school in 2003
and attended community college part time for years
until I finally graduated in 2009
with an associates in Business

So afterwards I thought I would conquer the big city
and so I started grad school
and graduated with a bachelors in Business in 2011

and I thought I wanted to get a masters
and so the long hours of studying started again

life was great
I was working and traveling all the time
and preparing to search for a new school

then in 2012 my father graduated to HEAVEN
my plans immediately changed

i moved back home
spent time with my mother and family

life was like a bad roller coaster that year
then I was asked a question
have you thought about serving a mission?
and so I prayed to know

Well I got my answer...
and after months of preparing in 2013
I am currently serving a mission in Ecuador

And these are my adventures

Love, Hermana Weller

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