Monday, December 9, 2013

Got chased by an iguana this week & I'm pretty sure I ate ants for breakfast


This week was a great week. We had another baptism. We baptized Hermano C. Three weeks ago we were street contacting, and we were walking in front of a tienda and I got an inpression to stop and talk to this elderly lady. She had just purchased her items and was heading out of the store. I asked her if she needed help carrying home her groceries, she said no but we talked with her anyways and explained that we were missionaries and that we had a Gospel message to share with her. She said that she was Catholic but had a son named C, who liked to talk about the Lord. 

So we walked her home and talked to her and her son. Her son said he was a Jehovah Witness and didn't want anything to do with the Mormons. We invited him to church and he CAME the next sunday. We taught him one lesson and later in the week, he called and said he wanted to be baptized. 

At his Baptism on Saturday, he bore his testimony and said that the day we meet him, he had been laying in bed crying and asking God why his life was the way it was, and why had he not sent a sign of what he could do to make it better. Then his mother got home and there we were two Mormon missionaries! He said it was his answer. He has so many great questions, each lesson we teach, we have to rely on the spirit so we know what to say but it is such an amazing experience each time. He also started to read the Book of Mormon and within a day he was almost done with 1 Nephi. He has a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon and to gain an even stronger testimony of the TRUE gospel of christ. I am so happy for him. He is such an amazing person. The Gospel is blessing his life so much. It is so exciting to see.

You are also probably wondering about the title to my email...I am pretty sure I ate ants this week. I buy Special K cereal so that on those morning when I don't feel like cooking, I can still eat. I was almost positive I closed it back up all the way, but the other morning I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat it. When I looked down I realized there were all these little ants around my bowl that crawling out of my cereal! I almost vomited all over my desk. I screamed and then threw out my $6 box of cereal that was still brand new. So today when we went ot the store I bought another box of ceral and this time a tupperware to put it in. So I wont have this amazing problem again.

I also ran from an iguana this week! I climbed up some monkey bars to get away. I refused to come down until the iguana was up in a tree. We were walking through a park when I heard some shuffling behind me, I looked back, screamed, and ran to the monkey bars. My companion just started laughing. She told me they don't attack people. I didn't believe her though, so she had to literally pull me off the bars so we could keep tracking.

We have a lot of work to do here, as I am sure it is in the rest of the world. People need the gospel, but do not know where to look to find it. I know I say this in each email but help the missionaries. The work is so great and there are only 80,000 plus missionaries for the entire world of who knows how many people now. You don't have to feel awkward about missionary work, but do help them. When you feel prompted give them a reference and introduce the missionaries to your friends, coworkers, have them over for dinner and your referience. Have a family home evening with your reference and the missionaries. The missionaries will do the work but they need your help to find those people who the Lord has prepared to hear the Gospel.

This week has been great. I found so many trees, Almond trees(we walk by them every day and I didn't even know they were almonds), Avocado trees, and we even harvested our own mangos. My companion is great, she helps me so much, and helps me to realize that together we can do this work. 

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon this week. I love reading it so much and cant find enough time to read it. But I get an hour a day so I try my hardest to get the most out of it. I started it again and am in 1 Nephi. 

I am so thankful for this time in my life. I know it is hard cause every day I wake up in a new country where it is 83 degrees and wish I could see snow, like you did this week but I am grateful. I wake up every morning and hope that I can find someone who needs to find the Lord.

Love you so much and thank you all for my letters and your weekly emails. Sending my love!


PS I get to go to the temple this week, so super excited about that.

Love you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


hope everything is well.  I heard from Mom that you all got together three different times for Thanksgiving Dinner. Wow. Crazy. They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here so we had the traditional rice and Tuna. It was good though. 

I am so glad that the members here love to feed the missionaries. They always make us amazing JUGO (juice). Yesterday I had Strawberry Milk with fresh strawberries and Pan (bread). It was amazing. Did you guys  remember to eat Pumpkin pie and Cheesecake for me? Those things do not exist here.

Scripture Study
This week I finished reading 3rd Nephi, 4th Nephi, and Mormon. One theme I found in these chapters was The Light of Christ. The Light of Christ can mean a lot of things, but here are two definitions that I found during my personal study. 

  1. An example and obedience
  2.  Knowledge
 I was reading in D&C 6:21 where it says that Christ is the light in the darkness. If we liken Christ to the darkness we can feel when we don't have the Holy Ghost with us, when we choose to not follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost or we choose not to obey the commandments. Then I found this amazing scripture in Helaman 13:9
And afour hundred years shall not pass away before I will cause that they shall be smitten; yea, I will visit them with the sword and with famine and with pestilence. 

One question came to my mind...How long will you choose to live in the darkness and not the light? I have shared this scripture with a few of our investigators and it really makes them think. I was then reading in Mormon 5:16-24, where it talks about Christ, and how he is our shepherd.  It also says not to be lead by Satan and to humble ourselves and repent. It was pretty amazing to find all of these scriptures and really think about the Light of Christ. Christ will always be the light in the darkness and his light will never not be there, but are we willing to see his LIGHT? It was a great scripture and spiritual experience for me. It's amazing that I was able to really search the scriptures and find what the Light of Christ meant to me personally. 

My Week
On Tuesday we had a mulit zone conference with President Dennis. It was all about the Obra de Salvacion and Christ (Work of Salvation). We watched videos about Christ, loved it and we also got to take a photo as a Zone.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving we had a baptism! E got baptized!! He had a baptismal interview on Wednesday and decided to get baptized the next day! After his baptism and after he got the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, he said that he no longer felt alone in this world. He is also finding a lot of strength in the scriptures!

On Sunday, his two nieces also came to church. We found E, because his two older nieces K and R, were baptized 3 years ago with their mother in the church, but have not been to church for a while. 

One of the youth named Leni, lives next door and one day he was helping us with our teaching appointments and told us he had some friends who are members, but have not been to church. He told us that we should talk with them. So he introduced us to them and we taught them for two nights in a row about prayer and reading the scriptures and invited them to church. And they came! That night we went to their house to teach them again, and their parents, and uncle got home from work while we were their and we found out that their uncle E and younger sister A are not members. So we started to teach both E and A as well as their parents. It has been such a great journey with them. 

On Sunday, their younger sister A came to church for one of the first times. She has a baptismal date for the 14th of this month! K also leaned over to us in Relief Society and told us that we saved her. She has been reading the scriptures every night. Last night we taught them about the importance of family prayer and once we left, they stayed on their knees and prayed as a family for the first time. I am so happy for them. I know that they will continue to endure to the end. 

I have been feeling the spirit a lot more lately. About two Sundays ago, we were walking down the street and I got a strong impression to stop right in front of this lady who was leaving one of the tiendas (stores). I turned to my companion and said  contacting, which means we start talking to a person and get to know them. So, I asked her if I could help her carry her groceries home. She said yes and we talked to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she was Catholic, but had a Son who she thought might like to listen.

 We talked to Hermano C, he is Jehovah Witness and lives by himself, but was visiting his mother. We talked to him and invited him to church the following Sunday. He didnt really seem interested and he lives in a different area some of the week, so we just made a note to meet with him again in a week or two. To our surprise he showed up to church without us calling him! He has come to churhc the past two sundays and this week on Thursday he called and told us he wanted to be baptized! He has a baptism date for the 7th of December! In the same week I also found a scripture in 1 Nephi 4:6 which says I was lead by the Spirit not knowing where to go.

Things are so much better this week. The spanish is coming. I still dont completely understand everything and sometimes it is frustrating, but it is getting way better. I am so thankful the Lord and his help through the Holy Ghost.

Always AnnaAlicia

14 Things I wish I had known before coming to Ecuador!

This week a lovely reader and soon to be missionary, Mickelle e-mailed me asking a few questions about my mission area. I loved this e-mail so much that I knew I had to share it with all of you!

Here is what she wanted to know
Was there was anything I wished I had known before I came to Ecuador? Anything I wished I had brought with me? What kind of clothing to pack and what to wear on P-day? 

  1.  There are no p-day clothes, bring clothes for working out and pajamas
  2. Bring lots and lots of tampons, they don't use them here. I did find some the other day, but they were about $1 a piece
  3. Bring sunscreen! It's expensive here if you can find it 
  4. Don't buy a water bottle with a filter, you will get one in the MTC
  5. Bring clothes for hot weather and fabrics that will dry quick, you wash your clothes by hand here
  6. Bring dri-slik garments  you can ask the people at Dessert they will help you. Don't buy the thick cotton ones because they take a few days to dry and we can only wash clothes on Monday
  7. Bring bandaids, they don't really sell them here
  8. Hair products, I brought enough for a few months
  9. Bring pjay shorts, it is 80 degrees at night
  10. Don't buy spanish scriptures you get them in the MTC
  11. Buy a spanish mini hymn book
  12. Bring a few cardigans for when you get cold. I have not had that happen yet but one day at church they blasted the air conditioner
  13. Bring good shoes but you don't have to bring a bunch of Danskos ect, I wish I would have brought a few normal flats from Target.
  14. Oh and they say not to bring a backpack but a shoulder bag, but everyone here uses backpacks and I wish I had one
I hope that helps anyone coming to the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 months, 1 baptism, and 1 Hermana in Ecuador


How are you all doing? I  hope  life is great  in Oregon. I miss the cold weather. I wish that was the case here. It is still super hot here. When I got to bed it is still 80 degrees. Crazy right. When I get out of the shower I sweat instantly so it is pretty pointless to shower. Yeah right. I shower all the time here. The air is dirty so when you wear a skirt all  day your legs, arms, and face get really dirty. As soon as the day is over I just want to shower before I get in bed. 

This week I  thought I would start with  things I love about Ecuador and  things I would love to have here. 

So first the things I love about Ecuador:
  1. The mango trees - If only we could find mangos that we could get without climbing trees I would love the trees even more.
  2. The sunsets   - When we are out walking at night we see sunsets that are amazing. We get a glimpse of them over the houses
  3. Night when it is breezy and there is no sun
  4. Jugo de everything  - When we go to members houses for lunch, they make us fresh juice. I have had everything you can think of.
  5. That I am learning everyday
  6.  I am being blessed and so are you.

Things I miss:
  1.  My family of course.
  2. Warm showers - The water here is cold, every day. There are no options for hot or cold. So every morning when I wake up and take a shower, it is ice cold.   
  3. Salads - I eat a lot of fruit but wish I could be a rabbit and eat salad
  4.  Strawberries  - We cant eat the ones here so that is not fun
  5.  Wearing  makeup  - Every time I do my makeup it just melts off my face. So I guess I didn´t need to bring so much lol. 

On to the things of this week.

I read my scriptures every day for an hour and wish I could get more time. I  am finally done with Alma and have moved into 3rd Nephi which is all about the Savior, when he was born, when he died, and when he came to the Americas and spoke to the people here.

I also started reading the New Testiment beacuse I want to learn about the Saviors life during the Holidays.  Are you all reading your scriptures? I hope you are, it is through the scriptures that we learn how the Holy Ghost feels, and the same feelings we get when we read are the same  feelings we will get when we ask the Lord to answer our prays. The Lord always answers when we ask for what we need. We just have to learn to recognize how the Holy Ghost feels. 

I have felt the Holy Ghost a lot more this week. As you can tell from the title of the email. This week we had one baptism. P got baptized on Friday night.  I am so happy for him.  He is 70 and lives by himself. His family is Catholic and Evangelicos and they did not want their father to be baptized in the MORMON church. His baptism was originally scheduled for Thursday, but P´s son told him he couldn't be baptized, so P decided not too. 

On Friday our Zone Leaders Elder Tercero and Elder Moreno, came with us to P´s house and  P`s son and daughter also showed up. We taught them all the first lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel, they even accepted a Book of Mormon. P was then baptized on Friday afternoon. He received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday at  church. He is the newest member of the Alegria ward!  We meet with him everyday at 3 PM and read the Book of Mormon to him because he cannot read or write.  (We meet with him everyday and read to him while one of us follows along with him as we read.)

He speaks Quichan and Spanish, but doesn't  know how to read or write that either. So we work with him everyday. On Tuesday this week when we meet with him he showed us our pamphlets and that he tried to write our names on the back of each one. It broke my heart. So we went to the tienda near his house and bought him a notebook at a pencil and now we write out letters for him each visit so he can practice writing the alphabet and also words. He is so kind and such a great person. 

Funny story but not so funny, on Thursday we went to the church to fill the baptismal font. The baptism was set for 7 and it was 5 so we turned the water one, filled it, turned it off and left. We came back an hour and a half later and the entire church was flooded!

The water apparently was not turned off all the way so we spend 2 and half hours sweeping water out of the doors so it would  go the drain outside. I wasn't even sure how it happened but it is the second time this week that the church has flooded with water.Last  sunday it also flooded because one of the drinking fountains broke and spilled water literally everywhere. The good news is the entire church got cleaned and the floors and slick and clean haha.

We are also working with the Family V, the mother and two of her three daughters are baptized but they have not been to church for a while. When we first meet with them we only meet with the daugthers K and R. They are two great girls, 15 and 18. They were baptized in the last two years. We taught them about reading the Book of Mormon and prayer. We came back the next day and taught their family, their Mom and Dad, and younger Sister A. Their uncle E was also there. So for the past two weeks we have been meeting with them every night at 8 PM. 

The mom and dad own a resturant and said that on Sundays they make $100 and that they cannot close it to go to church and that is why the mom is now inactive. The good news is that they are planning on coming to church in the next few weeks. The daughter K, she is 18, and goes to university here in the city. She has come to church two weeks in a row with her uncle E who is going to be baptized on the 30th of this month.  K even started reading the Book of Mormon and is in 1st N ephi. She is great and  comes to church for all 3 hours with her uncle. 

On Saturday when we were out looking for recent converts, we contacted a lady named M, she lives across the street from a reconvert. We taught her  the first discussion and she  agreed to be baptized on the 14th of December! The work is coming along here in Alegria! 

This week has for sure been better than the lasts. Not  just because we baptized P, but also because I am starting to learn more of the language and I am able to communicate with Hermana Yamo. That  was probably one the hardest things at first was not being able to communicate with my trainer who I am with 24 hours a day.  I am learning a lot about patience as well.  Really!  

It still doesn't feel real to be a missionary, but that is what I am. I love it.  Thank you for all of your letters and love! 

Have a great Thanksgiving this week. Don't be to crazy on Black Friday and stay safe! 

Love you,


Monday, November 18, 2013

Obra de Salvacion (Work of Salvation)

Green Mango's!

Me again from Ecuador where it is still 80 and hot. I tried to take a nap today since it was Pday, but it was way too hot for that.  I just 
laid there with the fan. 

This week has been a bunch better than the week before. The language is coming along and I am able to speak more. I wish I could understand more than anything the conversations but that will come with time. I just keep reminding myself I have only been here for 18 days and when I was at the CCM I spoke mostly in English. This last week I have been feeling the spirit more and more and know that it was there the entire time.

Today I went to central Guayaquil to get my visa authorized because today was the last day to do it. So I got to see a few of the missionaries that I came here with. All of us are struggling with the spanish so I am not alone. My companion also wants to try harder to learn English so we are reading the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish alternating verses. So we both know how the other feels. It is hard to explain English lol, I can tell you that. I was never the best at Grammer but Spanish Grammer makes a lot more sense. Kind of funny I know.

This week I have been studying the scriptures a lot and trying to get better at remembering where scriptures are at in the Book of Mormon and Bible. I have never been good at that so I have been marking them up like crazy and trying to make it easy to find them. I am finally out of Alma! Woohoo. I also finished Helman and am now just starting 3 Nephi. I am planing on finishing the Book of Mormon in English and then reading it in SPanish. One of the Elders here who has been on his mission for a year said that he started the Book of Mormon in Spanish and once he got past the Isaish chapters he could understand about 90%  of the Spanish used in the scriptures. He promised me if I only read things in Spanish I will get things a lot faster. So that is my goal. I only read PMG in Spanish and then look up words I dont know. It will come to me. The more I study the Book of Mormon the more I am able to contribute in lessons because verses I find somehow apply to the lesson that day. Which is great! 

This week we meet with the two girls who are inactive and sisters. R and K. They are 15 and 18.We have been meeting with them and their family almost daily. The other day we taught them about the importance of Reading the Book of Mormon and I shared with them Helman 5:12, which talks about building yourself on the ROCK of the Savior. We went to their house on Saturday night and K started to read the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi and had questions on why Nephi killed Laban. Which was a question I got at the CCM from one of my investigators so we explained it to here and I was so happy that she was reading! 

The Temple in the distance
We also started to teach their under E, he is 45 and single and lives with them. He really wantes to gain an understanding of the Gospel and even came to church on Sunday. He said he wants to feel the spirit, so I shared with him my experience this last week and told him the first thing we must do is learn to recognize the spirit and the only way to do that is through reading the book of mormon. Once we learn what the spirit feels like that same spirit will give us the answer if the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. He said he would read, study, mediate it in his heart, and pray to know. He also said if he gets an answer it is true he will be baptized one 11/30/13!

The vision of Missionary Work has changed. It is now the Work of Salvation. We are focusing on inactive members, recent converts, and investigators. Our ward back at home arleady does this. But here they have not been so much. So we are working with everyone to help them gain a stronger testimony of the commandments and the savior. There is also a special broadcast on November 24th from 5-7 PM. I am not sure what the hours are there. But be sure to watch it!

I am out of time. I will write more next week. I love you all and pray for you daily. Have a great thanksgiving! Make something special for me and then eat it without me lol.

Love Hermana Weller

Sweaters in 80 degree weather! And they think I'm the crazy one...


It is summer here, actually I am not sure what it is here but it is hot. When I go to bed at night it is 80 degrees and when I wake up it is 80 degrees. It does get a little cooler at night, but it is still way warm. Although the sun is not out and its cloudy, it's still 80 degrees! 

Lol, everyone asks me how I can walk around without a sweater. Sometimes I just look at them and smile lol. My question is how can they walk around with sweaters when it is 80 degrees outside! lol. It is really pretty here. We are in a suburb area of Guayaquil. There are mango trees everywhere we walk but the mangos are green. I didn´t even know you could eat a green mango but you can. You just eat it with salt. Kind of weird but it is actually pretty good. 

This first week here in Ecuador has been super hard for me. It is a new place, so far from you all, and obviously in a different language. I am picking up more spanish each day for the most part but still get frustrated when I cant understand everything. I have a great senior companion and she helps me a lot. Her name is Hermana Y, she is 20 years old and a convert to the church. Her mom is a member and her father is not. She is the second in her family to serve a mission. Her father is Catholic and her parents are divorced but she is so strong and has so much LOVE for me. She asks me each day how I am doing. 

Our apartment
For the most part I tell her okay but today I had a breakdown. All week I have not been feeling the Spirit all the time. So when we do contacting which is just walking around and getting promptings from the Spirit on who we should talk too, I get frustrated, that and I dont know a lot of Spanish so I never know how to start or what to ask. I have been feeling really alone, even though I am not. But today we talked and she said it is normal to feel that way. So when she reminds me of that, then my spirits get turned around.

Overall, we had a great week and found so many new people to talk too. We had 4 investigators come to church on SUNDAY!. Yes I said 4. This week, we started teaching an elderly man named P, he lives by himself and owns a little tienda (store, or market) that he runs from his house. He is 76. We started teaching him last Saturday and teach him daily at 3 PM. He is a really funny man. Sometimes I am not sure if he understands me or what we are trying to explain to him, but he enjoys our company and listens to the lessons. He came to church with us on Sunday and stayed for the first two hours, then walked home. 

I wash my own laundry now. Reminds me
of Jessica's cloth diaper rack lol.
It was so amazing that he came with us to church. We walked by his house to help him find the church, and as we were walking away, one of his customers walked up and asked to buy a cigar, he told him he couldn't sell him one because it was Sunday and he was going to church. It was like Satan walked up and wanted to tempt him. He showed so much faith and told him no and that he would have to go to a different store. I was so PROUD of him. He sacrificed $1 of sales so that he could go to church. That is a lot of money around here. He also has a desire to get baptized and has a date for the 23rd of this month.

Our other investigators are D and A. A is an inactive member who is 22 and has two children with D. They have been together for 7 years and have lived together for about the same time. D is not a member and A was born in the church but has become inactive. They are an amazing couple. We are working with them to get enough money so they can get married. It costs $36 dollars here but that is a lot. D wants to get baptized and he loves when we teach them about Eternal Families. He works 7 days a week, but they came to church with their two daughthers as well this weekend. It was so exciting to see them there. 

Our other investigator we have been working with is P, she is 60 and lives by herself. She has a lot of questions about the restoration of the church but she came to chruch too and loved it. We are going to meet with her on Wednesday this week again and teach her some more.

This week has been a hard week but I love that I have a great companion and that their are people here in Ecuador who want to hear our message. My spanish will come as I put my faith in the Lord and I will be prompted by the Spirit when the time is right. This is the hardest thing ever but I am glad I have the Lord on my side and the truth. 

I love you all and cant wait to hear from you again this week. Thank you for all the letters.

Read D and C 46: 30-32 Ask God and thank him for all blessings and read Alma 57:27 and Jacob 3:2. These scriptures helped me a lot this week.

Love you, 


I am in Ecuador!

When I first got here I wasn't really sure what to think. I thought I would be so scared to be in a country that wasn't my own and in a new area that I had never been before but surprisingly I am not scared at all. The Lord protects us when we are obedient and follow his commandments. When we walk on the streets I am not scared either. So dont worry I am safe, just keep praying for me that I will continue to be safe and that people will want to hear our message. For this week I thought I would just recap what happened.

I arrived in Ecuador on the 1st and that was pretty much the longest day of my life. We traveled for 24 hours and had only a few hours of sleep. All I wanted to do was figure out where I was sleeping that night, eat, and pass out. But it didnt exactly happen like that. When we arrived, we ate lunch at the Bishops house and then had our orientation. Afterwards, we went to the mission office and had interviews with President D. That is when I found out that me and my new companion were being assigned to a new area and it is a place that girls have not been before in our new mission. 

I was pretty nervious and not to excited about the whole thing but what can you do. So, after waiting what felt like forever me and my new companion Hermana Y headed to our new area called Alegria which is about 10 minutes by car from the Guayaquil Temple. The night we moved in our apartment had just been painted so luckily we had fans to get the smell out.

Saturday we went with the Elders in the Zone and walked our entire sector which is our area here in town. We meet the members and got referrals and set appointments for Sunday after church. The members here are great! They do not have much here compared to America but what they do have they share with anyone. If anything it is the way we should live. Anywho it is nothing like I expected. People actually keep their appointments. It is a little different in America. So we walked a lot on Saturday and meet a lot of people.

On Sunday, we got up early and went to church. Church here is at 8 AM! Yes 8 AM. Church was one of my hardest days here so far. I understand a lot but sometimes I dont and it gets frustrating. I was frustrated all Sunday at church and just keep asking myself what I was doing here. After church we walked home and did companion study and then prepared to meet with our appointments. I told Hermana Y that I was sad that I didn't understand more and felt inadequate and she told me to pray to feel the spirit. So I did. I prayed twice cause I wasnt sure if I really felt it yet. 

Our appointments went well. At first I didnt really talk much because I was trying to understand but by the second appointment we had it was way better. We actually pulled out the same scripture to share, the one in Helaman 5:12, love that scripture. So as the day went on I was doing a lot more talking. After we finished with our appointments we did street contacting and found a new investigator who agreed to being bauptized on the 23 of November! It was a great Sunday! We have more appointments tomorrow and a goal for 2 baptisms this week! 

It is crazy how much Spanish I use here. I am using more and more spanish each day and learning even more words than ever! I am pretty excited and miracles do happen when it comes to exact obidence. My spanish is getting better each day I am so grateful for that.

Ecuador is pretty humid and hot. Right now they are going into their summer. Crazy right, cause I am pretty sure that it is rainy and cold in Oregon. I am greatful that one some days it is cloudy though because we walk everywhere. I didnt think I would be prepared for that but I am. It is suprising how much my feet do not hurt. Pretty crazy because I thought they would fall off at the end of the first day. I just keep reminding myself that the Lord prepares us! 

I love you guys so much and cant wait to see you!

Just in case you dont have it my mailing address is:

Hermana AnnaAlicia Weller
Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission
Casilla de Correo 09-04-206
Guayaquil, Guayas 


Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Last Week at the Mexico MTC!! Off to Ecuador I go....


This last week has been great. It is already my last week here at the CCM. I found out Monday that I leave the CCM on Thursday and I leave the CCM at 10:00 PM on Thursday. I am freaking out a bit because I have less than two days to pack and I have no time. The rest of my district leaves on Saturday morning. I am sure I will sleep the entire flight because we have a full day on Thursday with class and all. The good news is that I started to pack my bags last Tuesday because I was pretty sure we were leaving early. 

Last night was hard though cause it finally hit me that I was leaving this amazing place and I wont be surrounded by hundreds of Priesthood holders or my companion Hermana C. It is kind of sad when you think about it.

I got my second Priesthood Blessing  because I was feeling really stressed! Elder R did my blessing and he is such a amazing Elder! I prayed beforehand that I would be prepared to recieve the blessing. I could feel the Lord´s love for me! It was such an amazing experience. The Savior blessed me with so many promises if I stay worthy to receive them. He told me, that I am prepared for this time in my life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He told me that I am preparing now to be a wife and a mother and will be soon. I was also told that I am a respected sister and that I am the mom to my district and that everyone looks up to me for the great example that I am. 

It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I often worry that the decisions that I made in the past effect my future blessings but I have to remember that the Lord will bless me according to his will. I need to remember to demonstrate faith in Christ and let him bless my life and leave the guilt and pain behind. The blessing made me realize that if I obey and follow Chirst that I will be able to be blessed eternally and temporaily. I am also so thankful for the priesthood holders that I have in my district and that I can get blessings whenever I need them.

Last P-day we had a SPA DAY! It was so amazing. We did our nails, pedicures, facials, and I dyed my hair! It was such an amazing day. We also took a nap for an hour, which is also what I plan on doing today. It is my last p-day where I won´t have to go shopping for food, and all that other fun stuff I´ll have to do in the mission field when I am out of the CCM.

On Tuesday we had a member of the 70 here at the CCM for our Tuesday Night Devotional. His name is Lester Johnston, and he gave a great talk about Obidence. It was the talk that I needed to here. It has been really hard to be exactly obedient while we have been here at the CCM. But he went over some great points on how we can be more obedient.

1)Prepare ourselves to be obedient
2) Be friends with your companion so that you can teach with unity, it is KEY on your mission.
3)Work with the members in the area so that you can reach others

This last Wednesday we celebrated our one month here in the Mission! One our of Elders mom sent us Krispy Kreme donuts! They were so amazing! Sometimes at breakfast they have donuts mexican style of course and those are the first to go.
I love the CCM and will be so sad when I leave but I know that the Lord would not send me already if he didn't think I could handle it. I can´t wait to get to Ecuador!
Love AnnaAlicia

Hermana Wall-R

 The weather here does not make it look like it is FALL. I don’t even think fall exists here. It does thunder and rain here every once in a while. When we go to bed at night it is about 70 degrees.

I have already started packing because I know how fast time is going to fly and then I’ll be off to Ecuador. My companion and I get along so well. I absolutely love her and my roommates are amazing. We are already talking about doing a road trip across country so me and Hermana Sellers can go out to the East Coast before they head back to BYU for the Fall in 2015. So crazy.
This week was yet another amazing week full of amazing Spiritual Moments.
We learned how to use the Book of Mormon and the Introduction to tell people how important it is and why it was written. The Introduction is powerful when you read it. Just make sure to pray first and then test out the promise from Moroni. I challenge everyone to read it. In the first paragraph it says, “The Book of Mormon is a volume of Holy Scripture comparable to the Bible…and contains as does the Bible, the fullness of the everlasting Gospel.” It drove home the point for me that people who are looking for the truth don’t have to look any further when you read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon but that they must have a desire to act on faith and then they will know it is true for themselves.
Last Sunday we were asked to speak about Agency, which I worked for three days to write a talk in English and then translate it to Spanish. So that by Saturday night I had a talk prepared for our Sacrament Meeting. Well on Sunday morning we had a Leadership meeting since Hermana C and I are Sister Training Missionaries, so at the end of the meeting our Branch President, President L asks me to talk on Retaining the Holy Ghost and Hermana C to talk about Keeping the Commandments. So with 2 hours until Sacrament we went to work and wrote brand new talks in SPANISH. We were super nervous about the whole thing and for sure did not translate it as well as the first but we did it! I ended up talking for 10 minutes in SPANISH in front of about 40 missionaries. It was so crazy. Afterwards a new sister in our Branch told us she needed to hear those messages and she thanked us. We were so thankful someone needed to hear the messages we had, because we were both having panic attacks. 
On Monday,we taught our investigator F again. We were not really sure what we should teach him so we waited until about 15 minutes before and prayed and prayed and then made a quick outline of a few key points we wanted to cover. We thought that in the last lesson we didn’t do a good job of explaining how the Book of Mormon is important and how it can help him but to our surprise he had read it every day and he shared his favorite story he found that week which was about Nephi and Laman and Lemuel. It was so amazing to know that he wanted to read and took the time to read even after work and school. So needless to say our lesson plan was out the window in the first few minutes of the lesson but luckily Hermana C and I can teach in unity and we ended up giving one of our best lessons yet. We taught him about how he had faith, and what faith was. We shared scriptures in Alma 32 and talked to him about how he can gain a testimony. We could feel the spirit so strong with him. I home that he continues to prepare for his baptism we have setup for him on November 2nd. Oh and we also got two new investigators this week. So we are now teaching 4 people on a regular basis. So fun and it is so great to practice with other missionaries and our teachers (who are investigators F and S).
Love, AnnaAlicia

Funnies of the week:
On Thursday outside of the Clinic we meet new Hispanic missionaries that had just arrived. One of the Elders, walks up to us and asks us what our names are. I say Hola, mi nombre es Hermana Weller, the he repeats back: Hermana WALL – R, I say um close and just smile, then he says Hermana WALL – E like the little robot on Disney. I couldn’t help but laugh. We just all started to laugh. They try but apparently the double LLs are hard to pronounce.