Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hermana Wall-R

 The weather here does not make it look like it is FALL. I don’t even think fall exists here. It does thunder and rain here every once in a while. When we go to bed at night it is about 70 degrees.

I have already started packing because I know how fast time is going to fly and then I’ll be off to Ecuador. My companion and I get along so well. I absolutely love her and my roommates are amazing. We are already talking about doing a road trip across country so me and Hermana Sellers can go out to the East Coast before they head back to BYU for the Fall in 2015. So crazy.
This week was yet another amazing week full of amazing Spiritual Moments.
We learned how to use the Book of Mormon and the Introduction to tell people how important it is and why it was written. The Introduction is powerful when you read it. Just make sure to pray first and then test out the promise from Moroni. I challenge everyone to read it. In the first paragraph it says, “The Book of Mormon is a volume of Holy Scripture comparable to the Bible…and contains as does the Bible, the fullness of the everlasting Gospel.” It drove home the point for me that people who are looking for the truth don’t have to look any further when you read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon but that they must have a desire to act on faith and then they will know it is true for themselves.
Last Sunday we were asked to speak about Agency, which I worked for three days to write a talk in English and then translate it to Spanish. So that by Saturday night I had a talk prepared for our Sacrament Meeting. Well on Sunday morning we had a Leadership meeting since Hermana C and I are Sister Training Missionaries, so at the end of the meeting our Branch President, President L asks me to talk on Retaining the Holy Ghost and Hermana C to talk about Keeping the Commandments. So with 2 hours until Sacrament we went to work and wrote brand new talks in SPANISH. We were super nervous about the whole thing and for sure did not translate it as well as the first but we did it! I ended up talking for 10 minutes in SPANISH in front of about 40 missionaries. It was so crazy. Afterwards a new sister in our Branch told us she needed to hear those messages and she thanked us. We were so thankful someone needed to hear the messages we had, because we were both having panic attacks. 
On Monday,we taught our investigator F again. We were not really sure what we should teach him so we waited until about 15 minutes before and prayed and prayed and then made a quick outline of a few key points we wanted to cover. We thought that in the last lesson we didn’t do a good job of explaining how the Book of Mormon is important and how it can help him but to our surprise he had read it every day and he shared his favorite story he found that week which was about Nephi and Laman and Lemuel. It was so amazing to know that he wanted to read and took the time to read even after work and school. So needless to say our lesson plan was out the window in the first few minutes of the lesson but luckily Hermana C and I can teach in unity and we ended up giving one of our best lessons yet. We taught him about how he had faith, and what faith was. We shared scriptures in Alma 32 and talked to him about how he can gain a testimony. We could feel the spirit so strong with him. I home that he continues to prepare for his baptism we have setup for him on November 2nd. Oh and we also got two new investigators this week. So we are now teaching 4 people on a regular basis. So fun and it is so great to practice with other missionaries and our teachers (who are investigators F and S).
Love, AnnaAlicia

Funnies of the week:
On Thursday outside of the Clinic we meet new Hispanic missionaries that had just arrived. One of the Elders, walks up to us and asks us what our names are. I say Hola, mi nombre es Hermana Weller, the he repeats back: Hermana WALL – R, I say um close and just smile, then he says Hermana WALL – E like the little robot on Disney. I couldn’t help but laugh. We just all started to laugh. They try but apparently the double LLs are hard to pronounce.

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