Thursday, October 17, 2013

No longer the New Kid on MTC Campus! Week 2

Where We're Going!

This week has gone by so fast yet it feels like an eternity here at the CCM (MTC in Spanish). I can't believe it is already my second P-day here. So I'll start with a summary of the week.
 As of Wednesday last week we were no longer the newbies on campus. New Elderes y Hermana's from States came in, so we were officially no longer the new kids.

Last P-day I was feeling super sick so I finally went to the clinic and found out I had a stomach virus, how fun...not really. I had to take pills every 6 hours for 5 days. So I was waking up at midnight each night and early each morning to make sure that I was taking them on time. I asked one of the elders in my district to give me a blessing. That was such an amazing experience after that I was so much better and finally able to focus on learning the language and teaching our investigator. The clinic here is amazing. The doctors are great! They listen to you and quickly come up with a solution. We have a doctor here from Mexico and one that is serving a mission that is American. They are both great and love us missionaries.
This last week has been kind of hard just because I was sick from Sunday until Thursday last week, so imagine trying to learn spanish and going to all of these classes and not being able to think. I had a couple cry sessions but now that I am better everything else is too. The hardest part of this week was when we had to meet a new investigator that we had never meet before and ask her questions on her religious background, what was missing in her life ect. I could not put two words together to save my life, in English or Spanish, so once it was over I cried for a few minutes. But after my power nap, and some more cold meds, things were good again.
My second best part about the CCM is the GYM! So much to do here! We have volleyball, basketball, work out rooms, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, and treadmills, oh and a ping pong table, Dad would love that. The only thing we are missing is a swimming pool. I play volleyball everyday with my companion and a distric that just left last night to Ecuador Guayaquil South. I played volleyball today too during GYM time and burised a tendon on my wrist. I went to the doctor though and everything is good. I just have to put ice on it and then come back next Tuesday to get it checked out again. I LOVE playing VOLLEYBALL though. My companion and I laugh so hard sometimes, so it's a nice break.
Best part of the week so far is for sure GENERAL CONFERENCE. I loved General Conference so much this session. We got to watch it live in the Autotorium with hundreds of missionaries. It such an amazing experience to listen to the prophets as a missionary. I didn't even fully hit me until I heard the opening prayers where the people saying the prayers were praying for the missionaries...and I thought wow that is me. So crazy! I cried, the prayers touched my heart so much. I know Mom watched the middle of conference where it showed where I live  here at the CCM, I hope everyone can watch it. We all cheered when we saw it. It also shows President P, he is such an amazing person!! They love the missionaries so much. We are the first group of missionaries to watch General Conference at the CCM. Way cool! Here are some of my most favorite quotes from Conference....
  • 183 years ago the church was organized with only 6 members, and it now stands strong at 15 million!
  • Missionaries seek out those who want to change
  • As of October 2012 there were 58,500 missionaries and now there are 80,333!! What I am one of them! Holler!
  • Edward Dube - Never look back look forward. Faith always points to the future.
  • David A Bednar - Maybe we need a great capacity for us changing something instead of others changing it for us.
  •  Uchtdorf - Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith -- One of my most favorite quotes of all conference
  • Carole M Stephens - RS Broadcast - Stop and point out the Blessings in our lives. Don't rush thought it or  you will forget and miss out on the things the Lord does for us.
  •  Linda Reeves - The Lord allows us to be tried and tested.
  • Thomas S Monson - had one of the most amazing true experiences of Faith and the power of the Holy Ghost, when he said he gave a man a blessing who had gone deaf and could no longer see. The Holy Ghost made it so he could hear what was being said and the man thanked him. I cried when he shared this experience.
  • Adrian Ochoa - We are living evidence of our Loving SAVIOR.
  • Russell M. Nelson - The death of our mortal bodies is part of a process. It allows our spirits to return to heaven.
Our CCM Campus, Like were bat

Funnies of the week...
  1. During companion prayer with Hermana C, while she was praying said, Gracias por mi companera Hermana Weller (Thank you for my companion, Hermana Weller), but instead she said...Gracias por mi comdia Hermana Weller (Thank you for my food, Hermana Weller). To funny! She was obviously hungry. 
  2. I also had a funny this week during a lesson yesterday with an investigator...I was trying to tell him that God is our loving Heavenly Father and instead said....Dios es nuestro almuerzo Padre Celestial...So basically I told him God was our lunch!! We all died laughing...I hope I never say that on my mission to a real investigator  haha
Love Hermana Weller

The buses we take to and from the temple
Money Money Money

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