Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Week at MTC in Mexico City! Part 2

Hola Familia!!
Es muy bonita aqui in Mexico! That the most spanish I am going to write for now cause I only get an hour on the computer.  But I wanted to send everyone one big letter than I will write back to those of my siblings that wrote me this week. 
To start, it has only been 6 days since I saw you and it feels like an eternity! My flight from Portland to Las Vegas was uneventful, I was the only missionary who was sent on that flight so it was just me and my Book of Mormon. The layover in Vegas took forever so that was really boring. I didnt know how to use a payphone (I know sad right...the days before iPhones), so I ended up calling Mom collect and felt so bad. It was so expensive to talk for less than 10 minutes, but it brought me comfort to hear from her even though it had only been a few hours. 

When I got to Mexico I was still the only missionary on the flight. I went through customs and made my way outside of the doors and found 16 Elders and an assistant to the Mission Office. We made our way out to the little Yellow CCM buses they have. It was a 45 minute drive here to the CCM. People here in Mexico drive crazy! They have no signals or signs on who goes where, so everyone just kind of goes at once.
We finally made it here to the CCM at around 7 PM (Mexico Time). The Elders all got my luggage for me and we made our way to the main building which is called the Thomas S Monson building. It's where everyone new goes to get their schedules for the CCM, room assignments, house cards and materials for studying. 

I also met my companion that night her name is Hermana C, she is from Washington DC and is going to serve a mission in Chile. She is 19 and I love her. We have gotten so much closer over these last 6 days. We also got´put in a room with two other sisters, one who I meet on Facebook before the mission, her name is Hermana S, she is from California and going to Quito, Ecuador, and her companion is Hermana J, she is from New Jersey (yes, like Jersey Shore but she didn't watch it so one point against her lol). I love my roommates they are awesome!! Here is a photo of us today. 

Oh and they are all 19 but they are amazing and they totally make me feel welcome and not like I am 9 years older than them! (which I am. Crazy!!) From left to right...Hermana S, Hermana J, Hermana C, and then me of course.
A little more about the CCM, we live on a 91 acre piece of church owned property that is seriously like a little town of its own. We have a cafeteria, multiple gyms, a post office, a store, a reception area, computer labs (that is where I am writing you from now), we have classrooms, church buildings, a doctors office, volleyball courts, tennis courts, badminton  soccer, football fields, and our own 24 hour security. We have dormitories which is where the Elderes live and all of the Hermanas live in casas close to the center of campus. In our house we have 5 bedrooms, all have 4 beds, we have our own shower, closets, living rooms, and kitchens (but we dont cook so it just stores our filtered water).  I have attached some photos of our room here too. I sleep on the bottom bunk and Hermana C sleeps on the top...thank goodness because it is hard getting up and down from there. So don't worry about my safety, we are closed in behind brick walls with barbwire and fence on top of that, we cant get out and people cant get in.

This week has been super hard learning Spanish. My companion and I were in the Begininer Spanish class on Thursday but then on Friday, we found out we got switched to the Intermedate class so we have been stressing about. We also have taught an investigator everyday since Saturday which has been crazy and stressful to say the lest. Our entire lessons are in Spanish I have no idea how but they are. The Lord works miracles when you obey so we have been trying hard to obey all of the mission rules and our spanish is coming along great. Our teachers only speak to us in spanish, we pray in spanish, go to church in Spanish, say our testimonies in Spanish ect. You get the point, its a lot of Spanish.
The food here is good! We get lots of fruits and veggies, and meat, salad, juice, breads, pan dulce, mexican icecream, flan, ect. We actually had service work in the Kitchen this week so we got to peel strickers off of fruit. My stomach is doing fine with the food but others not so much. No bueno. Many of the others have never tried mexican bread, they were totally missing out lol.
The spirit is really strong here. I love being here but miss home. I try not to think that it has only been a week and that I have 18 more months but it is hard. I love you all so much and miss being able to hug you so give hugs to eachother and especially mom! I love you all so much.
My pdays are on Tuesday so expect an email for the next 4 weeks on Tuesdays  I leave the CCM on November 2nd and head out to the field. Crazy huh only a month away. The time here goes at turtle pace so I feel like I have been here for an eternity!!
Read Alma 32 talks about Faith, love it. Ill be reading that tonight.
Oh and ill take more photos of the map and stuff today and  send them next week.
Love you lots!!
Hermana Weller
Funny moment of the week = I was practicing my testimony with my companion and I said Yo se JesusCristo vive y el es nuestro Salvador and she goes WHAT....Jesus doesnt live in El Salvador...Haha...it was too funny we laughed for a while after that one.

Heres some other photos AnnaAlicia sent us!

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