Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Last Week at the Mexico MTC!! Off to Ecuador I go....


This last week has been great. It is already my last week here at the CCM. I found out Monday that I leave the CCM on Thursday and I leave the CCM at 10:00 PM on Thursday. I am freaking out a bit because I have less than two days to pack and I have no time. The rest of my district leaves on Saturday morning. I am sure I will sleep the entire flight because we have a full day on Thursday with class and all. The good news is that I started to pack my bags last Tuesday because I was pretty sure we were leaving early. 

Last night was hard though cause it finally hit me that I was leaving this amazing place and I wont be surrounded by hundreds of Priesthood holders or my companion Hermana C. It is kind of sad when you think about it.

I got my second Priesthood Blessing  because I was feeling really stressed! Elder R did my blessing and he is such a amazing Elder! I prayed beforehand that I would be prepared to recieve the blessing. I could feel the Lord´s love for me! It was such an amazing experience. The Savior blessed me with so many promises if I stay worthy to receive them. He told me, that I am prepared for this time in my life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He told me that I am preparing now to be a wife and a mother and will be soon. I was also told that I am a respected sister and that I am the mom to my district and that everyone looks up to me for the great example that I am. 

It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I often worry that the decisions that I made in the past effect my future blessings but I have to remember that the Lord will bless me according to his will. I need to remember to demonstrate faith in Christ and let him bless my life and leave the guilt and pain behind. The blessing made me realize that if I obey and follow Chirst that I will be able to be blessed eternally and temporaily. I am also so thankful for the priesthood holders that I have in my district and that I can get blessings whenever I need them.

Last P-day we had a SPA DAY! It was so amazing. We did our nails, pedicures, facials, and I dyed my hair! It was such an amazing day. We also took a nap for an hour, which is also what I plan on doing today. It is my last p-day where I won´t have to go shopping for food, and all that other fun stuff I´ll have to do in the mission field when I am out of the CCM.

On Tuesday we had a member of the 70 here at the CCM for our Tuesday Night Devotional. His name is Lester Johnston, and he gave a great talk about Obidence. It was the talk that I needed to here. It has been really hard to be exactly obedient while we have been here at the CCM. But he went over some great points on how we can be more obedient.

1)Prepare ourselves to be obedient
2) Be friends with your companion so that you can teach with unity, it is KEY on your mission.
3)Work with the members in the area so that you can reach others

This last Wednesday we celebrated our one month here in the Mission! One our of Elders mom sent us Krispy Kreme donuts! They were so amazing! Sometimes at breakfast they have donuts mexican style of course and those are the first to go.
I love the CCM and will be so sad when I leave but I know that the Lord would not send me already if he didn't think I could handle it. I can´t wait to get to Ecuador!
Love AnnaAlicia


  1. Miss Anna, I am so proud of you!! You look even more beautiful, if that is even possible! You are in my prayers and thoughts always!!! I love you....have a safe journey to Ecuador!

  2. I love reading these letters/emails! They make my day.