Monday, November 18, 2013

Obra de Salvacion (Work of Salvation)

Green Mango's!

Me again from Ecuador where it is still 80 and hot. I tried to take a nap today since it was Pday, but it was way too hot for that.  I just 
laid there with the fan. 

This week has been a bunch better than the week before. The language is coming along and I am able to speak more. I wish I could understand more than anything the conversations but that will come with time. I just keep reminding myself I have only been here for 18 days and when I was at the CCM I spoke mostly in English. This last week I have been feeling the spirit more and more and know that it was there the entire time.

Today I went to central Guayaquil to get my visa authorized because today was the last day to do it. So I got to see a few of the missionaries that I came here with. All of us are struggling with the spanish so I am not alone. My companion also wants to try harder to learn English so we are reading the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish alternating verses. So we both know how the other feels. It is hard to explain English lol, I can tell you that. I was never the best at Grammer but Spanish Grammer makes a lot more sense. Kind of funny I know.

This week I have been studying the scriptures a lot and trying to get better at remembering where scriptures are at in the Book of Mormon and Bible. I have never been good at that so I have been marking them up like crazy and trying to make it easy to find them. I am finally out of Alma! Woohoo. I also finished Helman and am now just starting 3 Nephi. I am planing on finishing the Book of Mormon in English and then reading it in SPanish. One of the Elders here who has been on his mission for a year said that he started the Book of Mormon in Spanish and once he got past the Isaish chapters he could understand about 90%  of the Spanish used in the scriptures. He promised me if I only read things in Spanish I will get things a lot faster. So that is my goal. I only read PMG in Spanish and then look up words I dont know. It will come to me. The more I study the Book of Mormon the more I am able to contribute in lessons because verses I find somehow apply to the lesson that day. Which is great! 

This week we meet with the two girls who are inactive and sisters. R and K. They are 15 and 18.We have been meeting with them and their family almost daily. The other day we taught them about the importance of Reading the Book of Mormon and I shared with them Helman 5:12, which talks about building yourself on the ROCK of the Savior. We went to their house on Saturday night and K started to read the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi and had questions on why Nephi killed Laban. Which was a question I got at the CCM from one of my investigators so we explained it to here and I was so happy that she was reading! 

The Temple in the distance
We also started to teach their under E, he is 45 and single and lives with them. He really wantes to gain an understanding of the Gospel and even came to church on Sunday. He said he wants to feel the spirit, so I shared with him my experience this last week and told him the first thing we must do is learn to recognize the spirit and the only way to do that is through reading the book of mormon. Once we learn what the spirit feels like that same spirit will give us the answer if the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. He said he would read, study, mediate it in his heart, and pray to know. He also said if he gets an answer it is true he will be baptized one 11/30/13!

The vision of Missionary Work has changed. It is now the Work of Salvation. We are focusing on inactive members, recent converts, and investigators. Our ward back at home arleady does this. But here they have not been so much. So we are working with everyone to help them gain a stronger testimony of the commandments and the savior. There is also a special broadcast on November 24th from 5-7 PM. I am not sure what the hours are there. But be sure to watch it!

I am out of time. I will write more next week. I love you all and pray for you daily. Have a great thanksgiving! Make something special for me and then eat it without me lol.

Love Hermana Weller

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