Monday, December 2, 2013

14 Things I wish I had known before coming to Ecuador!

This week a lovely reader and soon to be missionary, Mickelle e-mailed me asking a few questions about my mission area. I loved this e-mail so much that I knew I had to share it with all of you!

Here is what she wanted to know
Was there was anything I wished I had known before I came to Ecuador? Anything I wished I had brought with me? What kind of clothing to pack and what to wear on P-day? 

  1.  There are no p-day clothes, bring clothes for working out and pajamas
  2. Bring lots and lots of tampons, they don't use them here. I did find some the other day, but they were about $1 a piece
  3. Bring sunscreen! It's expensive here if you can find it 
  4. Don't buy a water bottle with a filter, you will get one in the MTC
  5. Bring clothes for hot weather and fabrics that will dry quick, you wash your clothes by hand here
  6. Bring dri-slik garments  you can ask the people at Dessert they will help you. Don't buy the thick cotton ones because they take a few days to dry and we can only wash clothes on Monday
  7. Bring bandaids, they don't really sell them here
  8. Hair products, I brought enough for a few months
  9. Bring pjay shorts, it is 80 degrees at night
  10. Don't buy spanish scriptures you get them in the MTC
  11. Buy a spanish mini hymn book
  12. Bring a few cardigans for when you get cold. I have not had that happen yet but one day at church they blasted the air conditioner
  13. Bring good shoes but you don't have to bring a bunch of Danskos ect, I wish I would have brought a few normal flats from Target.
  14. Oh and they say not to bring a backpack but a shoulder bag, but everyone here uses backpacks and I wish I had one
I hope that helps anyone coming to the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission!

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