Sunday, August 11, 2013

50 days until I leave for the MTC

I have less than 50 days until I leave for the M.T.C. and I cannot wait. It seems like the five month wait to serve is just crawling at a turtle pace. So I thought I'd liken this weeks post to the tortoise and the hare book. In the last 50 days I feel like at times I could have been the hare just sitting around waiting for September 25th to come around and it would be my time to leave. Instead I have been the tortoise. I have been working so hard to learn the lessons in PMG in English so I am grateful that I have had the extra time to prepare. I am so grateful for the LORD and that he knows when I should serve!

So many things have happened in the last 50 days! Most importantly Spanish speaking sisters are now assigned to my WARD. Not only are they the first set of sister missionaries specifically assigned to my ward but they are also speaking and teaching in my mission language. I have been able to go with them on appointments almost every day after work and am learning the teach the gospel in both English and Spanish. 

This past week we went to an investigators house who just turned 15 years old. His entire family is Catholic and his mother said that she doesn't care where he goes to church or with whom but wants him to be a little bit older before he makes the decision on which one to join. It was just such a great experience and I could feel the spirit so strongly! We shared scriptures and taught him various principles thorugh out PMG as we tried to determine what the Elders had covered with him already. I left feeling so excited to be a missionary. That is just the first of many experiences I have had in the last two weeks!

On Monday I also had the opportunity to drive the sister missionaries out to the Coast for their P-day. They were meeting with another district to have a devotional on the beach and then sight see. It was such an awesome day and you could just feel their desire to share the gospel as all 20 missionaries gathered together on the beach and talked about why we share the gospel with others. 

I also happened to run across this video about the Mexico MTC this week and I can't wait to get there! 

I love this Gospel so much and the Lord knows all. I just need to continue to prepare myself spiritually so that I can serve him to my greatest capacity! 

I thought I would end this post by sharing my testimony in Spanish. I know it is not a lot but I am working on it!

Yo tengo un testimono de el Evangelio de Dios. Yo se el Evangelio de Dios es verdad. Thomas S. Monson es un profeta llamarse de Dios en los Ultimos Dias. Sé que José Smith restauró el Evangelio y tradujo el Libro de Mormón. Sé que Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial y nosotros somos sus hijos. Doy testimonio de que esto es verdad porque yo oré para saber. Amen.

Love, Hermana Weller

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