Sunday, September 1, 2013

Change continues to happen...only 25 days

Two weeks ago I left my job that I have worked at for almost 10 years. I thought I would be sad and feel even more stressed since I wouldn't be making any money but since I prepared for that day and had it so planned out the day came and went without much notice. The Lord provided me a way to pay off my debt way before my last day of work and allowed me to save up some money so that I wouldn't stress so much. Since my last day of work I have been traveling and it has been so worth it.

My first trip was to California to watch an Indy Car Race! I love racing and going to sporting events, so it was a prefect trip for me. I drove with my mother, two sisters, my niece and nephew, and cousin. They don't really like racing but since they wanted to spend time they all made the trip with me. We drove 12 hours to the San Francisco Bay area for the races and spent all weekend at the track. I had such a great time and got to meet sporting legends and get auto graphs from race car drivers. We even made it over to San Francisco for a night and walked around and had a picnic on the Bay. It was so pretty down there and super sunny.

Once we got back from California, I napped, and did lots of laundry to pack for my second trip, which was to go to Utah to visit my best friend Natalie. That is actually where I am at now! I have been able to visit Temple Square, the Family History Center, the Bountiful Temple, Lagoon, and other great historic sites. The Salt Lake area is amazing and the sites are breath taking. In two days I will be heading home so that I can pack for camping!

I only have 25 days left until I report to the MTC and the time is now just passing by me. As the day approaches I am not freaking out or stressing too much. I am actually welcoming the idea. I am sure I will feel different once I get on the plane or actually spend my first night at the MTC but I'm hoping that the Lord will help me as I make this change in my life. I am so grateful for the support that I have from both my family, friends, and co-workers. Not every one may agree or totally understand why I am going on a mission but they totally support my decision and for that I am truly grateful.

As I spend the last few weeks with family I will forever cherish our time together and I hope that all my little nieces and nephew will remember me when I get back in 18 months. I love my family so much and will miss them greatly.

Change happens so that we can grow so I can't wait to go to a new place, to learn a new language, and eat different yummy food. Everything will change and I won't have the comforts of home with me but I will carry it in my heart.

I can do this, that's all I have to keep telling myself!

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