Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer of Fun - Part 2

My Summer of Fun with Family continued in June with even more trips and things I love to do. I am indeed so grateful for the time I was able to spend with family and friends as I waited for the day to come that I was leaving on my mission.

Camping at the Coast

Every summer we go camping as a family and we love to camp at the Coast. So this summer was no different, we camped as often as we could rain or shine. One of my favorite places to camp is called Barview, it is a Jetty where you can camp so close to the ocean and they have a great sand hill that you can climb and watch the sunset. Growing up we went camping here a lot and I have always loved camping there. What was also great about this weekend was that my best friend Natalie was able to come visit me. She lives in Utah now but was able to drive up to go camping with my family and I. Here are a few photos from our weekend getaway camping! Oh and it was actually sunny that weekend which is rare here even during the summer.

Oh my best friend Natalie and I also made a trip to the Portland Temple while she was in town.

4th of July

After all of the camping, came the 4th of July. I love the holidays so it was great to spend such a fun one at home. We always do the holidays big, so my family bought fireworks and we started once it was dark outside. We had everyone in the neighborhood over and the kids had fun with sparklers.

County Fair

One other thing I love about the summer is the FAIR. I love riding rides and eating carnival food, yes the yummy funnel cakes, elephant ears, and ice cream are always great and taste amazing. I also love walking around and seeing all of the booths with homemade items. My favorite booth to stop is the purse one. I always pick up cute purses there that you can only get at fairs, or Saturday Markets. I also really love getting to spend time with my nieces and nephews on the kid rides. My younger sister and I get the all day ride passes and stay at the fair for over 12 hours. It is easy to do when you are riding ride after ride! I am going to miss the fair but I'll be back from my mission right before the summer in 2015, so I can't wait to go again!


Air Museum & Water Park    

In July I also had the opportunity to go to a Flight Museum which was awesome and I got a chance to learn about space and how we finally made it to the Moon for the first time. After the air museum my sister, her kids, my mom, sister in law, and nieces went to the water park. It was such an awesome water park, they had a whirl pool, sauna, slides, kid area, and a fake beach. It was so awesome, my sister and I went on a slide with tubes and we almost got stuck in this whirl pool on the way down and went down the rest of the slide backwards. It was so scary...but I am writing about it now so I'm still alive.

Hitting the Beach with the Sister Missionaries

As I have mentioned before, we had sister missionaries assigned to our ward! I grew so close to them in the weeks that they were here. So on P-day one week I drove them about an hour so we could all go to the beach. We went with about 14 other missionaries, ate lunch, had a devotional, and flew a kite. Sister Re---- flew her Spiderman kite all afternoon and even kept it flying during the devotional we had. It was such an awesome day and I loved spending time with sister missionaries.

Sister R and I - I love this Texan Girl
More to come but for now.

Love Hermana Weller

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