Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer of Fun - Part 3

Hey all this is the third part of my Summer of Fun posts. I worked throughout the entire summer, so the last two posts of all the fun places happened while I was working full time. Most of the trips I made were only during the short weekends from Friday to Sunday.

In August I made the decision to leave my job after I paid off my debt and saved some of my money for my mission. So I thought I would start this post with a few pictures from work. I worked their for 9 years before I left. I will miss work and earning money but am so grateful that I was able to work there after I shared that I was leaving so I was able to make my dream a reality.

Trip to California --- Race Weekend

Once I left work, I traveled for 3 weeks straight. In 3 weeks I was home for less than 24 hours so I only had time to pack for the next adventure. During my 3 weeks away, my first trip was to California to the Bay Area. The drive was over 12 hours since we were traveling with children, so we had to stop every few hours to use the restroom and eat. Once we got there it was time to head to the races. Growing up on Father's Day Weekend we would spend the entire weekend at the Portland International Raceway and watch IndyCars as they traveled at 200 miles an hour. So for the first time in years we traveled down to California to watch the Indy Cars as they traveled around the Sonoma Raceway. Here are some photos from the track to San Francisco. 

My two favorite drives that I got to meet. Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon! Go Team Target.

Trip to Salt Lake City

Over Labor Day I got to go to Salt Lake City and spend time with my best friend Natalie. We ate at some of my favorite places, Lions House and Cafe Rio! We also went to a live session in Salt Lake and then in Bountiful. The best day ever was when we spent the entire day at the Lagoon. I had never been and it was so awesome to go and ride the rides and also spending the morning at Lagoon-A-Beach. It was fun to ride the floats around the river. It was so much fun. I had such a fun day and week while I was in Utah.

The summer was so much fun and my trips helped the time pass by. I am so thankful that I was able to get away for part of the summer. I loved going to Salt Lake it is one of my favorite places to go. Each time I go I learn more and more about what the Church does not only for the members but also those who are not. One place that is an unknown treasure is Welfare Square. I absolutely loved Welfare Square and if you have not gone yet, GO.

Love always Hermana Weller

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