Monday, December 29, 2014

1...2...3...Queso....and a trip to the ER

I loved seeing you the other day on SKYPE. What a blessing it was to see all of you. Technology is so amazing. I was so thankful to see my new little niece and of course every single one of you! I loved being able to be part of your Christmas even just for a few minutes. Christmas was great. After I talked with you we went out to work. We got to see so many families. We watched the Lamb of God at the Cerda's house with their entire family!!! It was really cool. They made us champorada and we ate Mexican bread. They are the sweetest family ever. About 20 of their family members live in one house. We love going there because we get to see them all. Soon the entire family will be baptized and come back to church. I know it!

On Monday night we had FHE with the same family as well. We got packets from our mission president's home ward with a nativity set. So we read scriptures about Christ's birth and then we cut out and colored the nativity pieces! It was such a blessing to teach them the real meaning of Christmas and also that we were able to help them learn more about Christ.

On Tuesday night we were teaching a little girl named Jocelyn and we had been talking about the Restoration and how Christ was baptized when he was on the earth. We then asked her cousins how the Holy Ghost has helped them. They all answered and then little Jocelyn asked why she couldn't have the Holy Ghost. We told her she could she just needed to be baptized first. We were not sure if we could ask her to be baptized since we hadn't talked to her parents just yet. Then she dad came in and she asked him if she could get baptized and he said YES! Then he went upstairs and sent down his other son. Now we just need to talk to her mother! We know that the Lord has prepared her and her family to be baptized. The same night we went to a recent covert and his family. We had been teaching his sister Virginia about a month ago but she got really busy and had not been able to see us. We went and talked about the Birth of Christ and she was there but still a little distant. We were still excited to see her and then we set an appointment for Christmas Eve to come see their whole family.

On Christmas Eve, we were able to meet up with another recent convert named Felipe! He was so excited to see us. We read in Nephi with him about the time that Nephi sees the future, when Christ would be born and when he would die. He was so thankful for us and that we were able to help him to see the real meaning of Christmas. He brought us grapes too, which I forgot was a tradition for Santa Claus. Afterwards we went and sang a Christmas song and Families Can Be Together Forever for the Perez family. They were so grateful that we had stopped by. They are one of our recent covert families. We also gave out little Christmas presents to our investigators and recent converts. We gave them CTR rings, and I am a Child of God pencils and stickers. They were so excited to get the little rings. They put them on and said they would never take them off. We also ate dinner with the Osorio's for Christmas. It was so great to see them and we were so thankful that they shared their Christmas with us.

On Christmas day, we tried to go caroling and sing for people, but the people of LA would not have it. They wouldn't open the door if they were home, or they would come to the door and then shut it. Or they would tell us they were not buying anything today because it was Christmas. We told them we just wanted to sing for them but they wouldn't have it. So we decided to stop caroling. We were a little bummed that no one wanted to hear us sing. Afterwards we decided to pray that we would be able to feel the spirit and that he would direct us where we needed to go. So we decided to go and see the Perez family and talk with their daughter Virginia. We talked about the song Families can be together forever and she said I know what I need to do. I need to get baptized. Then we asked her to say the prayer before we left, and in her prayer she asked God to help her be baptized soon! Then we went to see another recent convert who cares for her mother, her mother told us she wants to get baptized too! The LORD is continuing to help prepare people for us.

On Friday, we went on exchanges and I was able to go to my old area! It was so nice to go back and see my old apartment and old investigators. We went to the temple visitor's center that night and I could feel the spirit so strong! We sang during the lesson to invite the spirit back and it worked!

On Saturday our investigator Juan was baptized! He wouldn't smile for his pictures and so we would say 1...2..3...Queso!!! Then he would smile and we would take a picture. He is so amazing. His family came too which was great. His wife even said she is looking for another job so that she can start coming to church and so she can be baptized. What!!! It was so cool.

That same night as we were leaving the Stake Center, we got in an accident. We got hit from behind and then the other driver backed up his car and just left! Luckily he only hit our bike rack and the whole front of his hood was taken out. Our car has little damage. My companion and I were so blessed that nothing more happened then whiplash and sore bodies. The lord protected us. We were a little shaken up and asked for our Zone Leaders to give us blessings. They also came and followed us home after the crash. It was so nice of them. That same night after we talked to our mission nurses, they asked us to go to the ER, so we did as they asked. We were there from 10 pm until 6 am the next morning. We were only gone so long because we first went to an Urgent Care and they didn't have an Xray machine. Then at the ER they were faster but it still took a long time. So no worries. We slept on Sunday and got rest.

We were so blessed as well because Juan was able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday at church and we were able to be there to see it.

I am grateful for a lot of things this week but one thing I am truly grateful for is the Light of Christ in my life! One scripture that sums it all up is Mosiah 16:9, "He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless..."

I love you all so much! Have a SAFE HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Love, Hermana Weller

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