Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!! 2015!!!


How was your new years? I hope you were all safe and enjoyed the holidays! They came and went so fast. I really can't believe that it is already 2015. The time of the Lord goes and comes to fast. I am continually excited for the time I have to be a missionary. 

I have seen that to be so true this week. I have been studying the Life of Christ and reading in the New Testiment. I love it! Today I finished reading in Matthew. One topic that has really interested me is the thought of "Seeking" Christ. 

Really we have to seek him each and every day! "We seek ... because [we have] the desire to ask, to seek, and to find answers to life's questions ... [Our Heavenly Father] wants us to continually seek eternal truth because this is central to how we come to know Him."  

This week I have really tired to seek Christ and understand how I can become more like him. It was so hard not being out and visiting people since we were recovering from our back and neck pains. The Lord still blessed us so much though.

This past week on Monday, while we were grocery shopping we got a call from a woman who some other sisters used to talk to and meet. She called to say that she wanted to start talking with the missionaries again. Miracle #1!!!

On Tuesday, we travelled all over the mission and took our car to the shop and also to the mission office. We saw President Weidman and he said that he was so touched to see us at the office but told us to go home and rest. He really loves us and cares about us so much. I knew that before but seeing him on Tuesday confirmed that for me. He has so much love just like CHRIST. (One of my goals this year is to show LOVE like Chirst would).

On Wednesday night, New Years Eve, we had a lesson with little Samantha and Nacho!! They shared their testimonies with us and told us both that they wanted to be missionaries because the missionaries who have always helepd them and their families are amazing. Samantha is 9 and has to wait 10 more years to be a missionary! 

On Sunday we had 2 investigators at church. The Lord truely blesses us even when we were not able to go out and see them. Edgar came to church for the first time since I moved into this area and also a man named Elias! Two weeks ago he walked into church and told the missionaries he wanted to learn more because he is going to marry someone who is LDS. 

This week was so great. I saw how much mercy the Lord has for me and my companion Sister F. He blessed us so much when we were in so much pain.

Love, Sister Weller

P.S. New Years was great. We had martinelles, took some photos, and played with some glow in the dark ballons all before 10:25 pm. Then we passed out like babies and woke up the next morning ready to work! 


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