Monday, January 19, 2015

What do you know about the Book of Mormon?

Hola Familia!!! Como esta? Que saben acerca del Libro de Mormom? Think about it....

That question has blessed Sister Franks and I so much this week. We have ran into so many people who already know about the Book of Mormon or have family who are members and don't really know about it at all. This past week our mission president shared a video with us called "What do you know about the Book of Mormon?" It was a video made by 3 return missionaries and it was so cool to see. It got us all excited to go and ask people on the street what they knew about it. 

Today we found a lady who was washing her laundry and she told us that her father and uncles are all Mormon, we setup an appointment with her for this Tuesday to share more with her. We have been able to testify more and more all throughout the week and that makes us so happy to share it with other people! I love sharing my testimony and sharing it about the Book of Mormon get's me more excited each day!

Our area has been seeing so many miracles since we have been able to get out and work on most of the days. Lupe one of investigators this past week asked if she could be baptized. We said of course, she has been struggling to overcome an addiction she has. We pray for her each and every day and we also go and see her daily. She told us that when we are with her that she feels the strength we bring to her. She had not come to church in about two weeks and we were super sad. We decided on Sunday before church we were going to go and see her in the morning to make sure she was up and ready for church. When we knocked on the door and just started crying. We asked her what was wrong and she just said I was just going to go to bed and give up on today and not go to church. She said that us going to her house was a way that God showed his love to her. She came to church and got a blessing and then the sisters in our ward had a baptism that night. We invited her and she said no, but we invited her again and asked her to pray about it. Afterwards we stopped by at her house a little before the baptism and asked her again. She went and when the man was about to be baptized she asked if she could get closer so that she could see the baptism. When she watched the man be baptized, she instantly felt the spirit. She asked us what it was and we walked into the hall and talked to her about what she was feeling. Then she turned to use and said anytime I want to use I am going to imagine myself being baptized. Afterwards we kneeled down on the floor and prayed that she would prepare herself for January 31st. She just told us to keep on pushing her and never take a NO for an answer. We told her we would always be here for her.

We also had another investigator named Edgar who came to church. His sister is a member in another ward and she told him he should go to church. Edgar is finally letting us come and see him during the week and we have been able to teach him about the Book of Mormon! 

Also, one of our new members named Juan is getting ready to get the priesthood. He is so excited to be able to help his family even more and continue to be an example for them.

This week has been so much fun, we have seen miracle after miracle and have seen so much love from our members. They just want to help us in any way possible and want to help us with our investigators and I love it! 

The work is real, the Lord is here helping Sister Franks with our health, our investigators, and our families I know it. I have felt his love so much this week and I am excited to feel it always. Something I read this week really helped me, it said something like:

Happiness is Everlasting Eternal joy because of Jesus Christ. It is so true. My happiness that I have know will be magnified in the eternities! The happiness I feel as a missionary must be what Christ feels every time we decide to apply the atonement in our lives and come closer to him.

Love always, Hermanita Weller

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