Thursday, May 2, 2013

South America = Must learn SPANISH

Since I found out that I will be teaching the people of Ecuador in Spanish last week I have been looking for free resources online to learn Spanish. I have taken about 7 years of Spanish in Middle School, High School, and 2 additional years in College but it never stuck. I was pretty fluent after High School when I worked at Taco Bell but that was really the last time. Most people think I speak Spanish but sadly I do not. My sisters and mother are all fluent so I guess this is Heavenly Fathers way of telling me IT IS TIME to learn. :) I am excited because it will help with when I get back from my mission with employment, family history, and conversations with my mothers family!

So here are the resources I found online and what I decided to actually use. The first program I thought of was Rosetta Stone however their program is around $500 dollars. Way too much! I also looked at a program called Fluent but it was the same price. I also checked out the local community college but I would then have to pay tuition and would not learn Spanish at the pace I needed it.

Anyways after looking around today I found some great FREE or under $10 resources to learn Spanish!

Church books/resources:

  • Preach My Gospel in Spanish - Ordered online for $6.00
  • El Libro de Mormon - Free (I already had this)
Other resources under $10:
  • Learn Spanish - The Fast and Fun Way 3rd Edition - Online @ Amazon new under $10.99
  • Spanish in 10 minutes a day with CD - Online @ Amazon used under $10.00
Free resources online:
  • Mango Languages - You can learn 30+ languages online through your local library
  • - Great site with games to learn phrases and they have an APP

So far I am loving the Mango Languages site, it quizzes you, gives grammar information, and cultural uses. I called my local library and found out about the site. All you need is your library card number. Check with your local library to find out how to get to it on their site!

Don't worry too much if you have not started to learn Spanish just yet, the good news is at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) new missionaries will have 6 - 9 weeks to learn the language. I just want to get a head start!

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