Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Baptism, a Kiss From an Iguana and My New Area!

 Esta semana ha sido extraño para mí ya que estoy en casa. No me siento como si tuviera que estar aquí, pero he visto tantos milagros aquí hasta ahora por lo que ha sido una cosa triste, pero bueno. (This week has been strange for me since I'm home. I do not feel like I should be here, but I have seen so many miracles here so far.  It has been a sad thing, but good thing.)

On Saturday (March 8th), Mom's Birthday, we had a BAPTISM! For a little girl named S, she is 9. We had taught here a few months ago. So this past week, we felt prompted to stop by her house to see how she was doing. Her mother told us that she was sad that she wasn't able to be baptized. So we came back the same day and talked to her daughter. (We had already finished teaching her all of the lessons), We asked her what commandment she was struggling to keep, she told us it was baptism. She told us she wanted to be baptized, so we talked with her entire family and set a date. She was baptized and I have never seen such a happier little girl. She is so excited about the temple too. Now, her mother, father, and her are all active members of the church. When we first started teaching them, their entire family was inactive (not going to church). So it was so amazing to see her father get the priesthood and her mother give a talk in church and their daughter get baptized!

On Sunday, me and Hermana Y got a call that we had transfers on Monday and needed to be in the terminal at 7:30 AM to find out who our new companions were. So we packed and cleaned and sleep. In the morning we got everything out of our house and closed the door on my first sector. We headed to the bus terminal and waited to find out where we would be going next. Hermana Y ended up going to the same area she had before she got me. (She is in an area where she can visit Malecon 2000 every wanted to go there the entire time we were together). And I found out that my new area would be Las Planas and I was going to be in a trio. So on...

Monday (March 10th), I had my last Pday (Preparation Day) in Ecuador, for just a bit. My new companions took me to the Park of the Iguanas, where I got a KISS from an Iguana!! Crazy huh. I also almost stepped on one too. Then afterwards, I ate Chinesse Food in Ecuador, it was actually pretty good but just like every other dish in Ecuador had a
ton of rice. Then we headed to the a marcado to pick up some gifts for me and my family. The day went by super fast, and I thought I would be in Ecuador for a few more days but the Mission President called and old me that I would be on a flight the same night. So I packed and rearranged my bags and got ready for the trip home. The mission secretaries come and got me at 10 PM at night from the apartment I was staying in with my new companions.

On Tuesday when I flew in, one of my flights was delayed a few hours. I ended up getting
on a different flight and
fortunately made it to Portland on time. I had flown for 20+ hours to get home from Ecuador. And when I got to PDX I only had $4 dollars in Ecuadorian, coins a $5 bill and 50 cents in American money. When I got here, I expected to see my mom and sisters waiting for me at the gate, but when I got here I couldn't find anyone. With my 50 cents, I called my mom. She was surprised that I was at the airport already! She said, "your flight comes in at 7:30 PM, why are you here so early?!?" I told here "no, I just got here. Where are you?" She told me that she was at work and that she would leave asap to come and get me. So, I waited and waited. 
My mom works an hour from the airport and I flew in during rush hour... So, here I was a missionary, who came home with no one waiting at the airport and I was just hanging out alone. It was very odd! I'm so used to being with someone 24 hours a day. After what seemed like FOREVER, they finally arrived and we all got to wait together to get my luggage, that had been on a different flight. 

I told them that when I really come home in a year, I wanted EVERYONE to be there and and to be ON TIME!e lol. Oh,  and to bring or have Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with an Almond Joy on stock at home. You know those yummy things that I didn't ever get in Ecuador. Once I arrived in PDX, I went home so I could sleep because my flights started on Monday night at 11:50 PM after a full day of getting to know the downtown part of Guayaquil.

On Wednesday after I finished my studying in the morning my mother took me to the ER. I explained what was happening and they told me they could test my blood but that they couldn't do much more because I didn't have insurance. So the administration came in from the hospital and gave me a form to fill out. Needless to say I filled it out and they took it from me and explained it could take up to 30 days to find out if they would cover the ER visit or not. I told me my mom that everything would work out the way the Lord wanted it too and that I prayed to know I was supposed to be here (in Oregon). So, we prepared to leave for home with instructions on who we should contact afterwards. My mom was a little sad and upset but I just keep telling her it was okay. (I think I have for sure learned patience on the mission, because before my mission, I probably would have been angry at this point) But my prayers were answered because as we were getting reasy to leave, the hospital administration came back into my ER room and told me I was approved for insurance through their Charitable Grant and that I had insurance in their facilities for 3 months! That was such an amazing blessing because I was able to get an appointment with a doctor to get more testings done on Friday!! So now I am waiting for them to test my blood and other samples they needed and I should be getting a call from them this Wednesday, so that I can be referred to a stomach doctor here. My mom also told me yesterday that she fasted and prayed last weekend to know which hospital she needed to take me to. And the Lord always answers our prayers.

Lots of people have asked me questions this, I thought I would sum them up here. I hope I answer all of them.

How does it feel to be at home? It is the weirdest feeling ever, because I am not supposed to be here. But I prayed to know if I should come back and the Lord told me I needed to. So that I could get the medical treatment I needed here.

How are you feeling right now (health wise)? I am still having the same issues. I still have pain in my stomach if I eat or don't eat. It feels like cramping in my stomach area and it can be intense some days. I also having vomiting.

How does it feel to see family? They are great. It is weird to see them when I have a year left but it is a blessing.

How long will you be home? I have no idea. I am only here long enough to find out what the problem is that I have been dealing with since November. Then I plan on going back to Ecuador.

Are you still a missionary? YES! :D I am still officially set apart as a full time missionary. What does that mean? It means that I follow all the same rules and guidelines as a missionary. The only difference is that my mom or sister Jessica, right now are my companions. So I get to go around with them during the day. It also means that I can't give hugs to anyone who is a guy.So don't be offended. It is just mission rules.
For right now I am studying and practicing and learning more and more spanish, the same as if I was in my mission. I am also planning on going out with the Spanish Sister Missionaries in our Spanish Branch here in the Stake.

Thank you all for your support.

Hermana Weller

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