Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello again....It's MARCH!

I hope everyone is good and that you are all healthy and ready for March because it is already here lol. It's the month of Birthdays...So first HAPPY Birthday to MOM!!! Mom,  you are amazing and I am so glad that you are the mom of all these crazies lol. We have all had our moments of "I wish I did this differently," but I am so glad that you and DAD always showed your love for us and of course never gave up on us. 

Here in the mission, I see too many families hat disown their loved ones because of the mistakes that they have
made. There are also people who are less active who blame the church for the mistakes of their loved ones. I am so thankful that you always taught us how to make the right decisions, but also that we had the choice to pick what was right and what was wrong. And when we choose the wrong thing, we always had consequences. I am thankful for that. I
learned a lot in that.

Mom, I hope that the crazy ones at home remember to do something great for your birthday. I sent you a card so I hope you get it before your birthday. I love you a ton and wish I could be there to help you celebrate Dad´s graduation and also your birthday. But know that I love you and that you can eat one extra piece of cake for me. lol.

This week I know will probably be hard, I know it will be a little hard for me. Do something fun on Dad´s graduation day. Go out to eat, or you could drive around in a Gorilla mask haha. People would probably call the cops though, so probably not that. Haha. Remember he is with Heavenly Father and he could´t be in a better place.

This last weekend on Sunday I had a talk in our ward. I prayed for three days to know what to talk about, and it kept coming back to Temples and the importance of families. Which was a little crazy at first since I am single and a missionary...all I kept thinking was how am I going to deliver a talk in Spanish and about eternal families. But I followed the promptings of the Spirit and I am so glad that I did because I gave a talk about Temples and thought, oh this won´t help anyone. But one of the families that we have been teaching and helping them get active in the church again, was there on Sunday, and this week she told us that she wants to go to the temple! And that she will prepare even if her husband is not ready yet. She doesn´t want there to be a day in her life again where she is not an active member. I was so happy for her and can´t wait to see pictures of her on the day when she can enter the temple. She will be such an example to her family and her husband, who at the moment is starting the process of repentance so he too can become an active member again. My prayers were answered on why I needed to give a talk about Temples and not missionary work or another topic.

Yesterday I also went to the doctor to get my results of my endoscopy. I have chronic Gastrites, which means that I have a lot of pain in my stomach, in the morning and after I eat. So I am know on some more pills. I am not sure how they will help or how I got this. But I have it know and need to work on making it better. I have another checkup
with the doctor in May, to see how things are going. They say I will have this my entire life but I am not 100% confident in the doctors here in Ecuador. They still don´t know what is causing my diarrhea everyday. My mission president is going to talk to the mission doctor too and see what he thinks.

I have faith in the Lord that he will provide a way for me to work here in Ecuador and not have the pain that I have constantly right now. I know things will get better. =)

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Give hugs and kisses to everyone.

Love me!

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