Thursday, February 27, 2014

Girls ONLY....Conference for the Hermanas!

Hey! How are you all doing? I hope taht everyone is doing well.
I hear that the snow is gone now and that you are dealing with good
old Oregon rain, you probably want the snow back. lol. I hope that
everyone gets over their colds fast.

This week has been a special week, I love it! To start this week we
had a Conference for just the sister missionaries in our mission!
There are 36 sister missionaries in my mission! Half are AMERICAN and
half are Latina. On Tuesday night, we headed to the temple for a
session with just the sister missionaries! It was such a great session
and a great time to reflect on a lot of the changes and decisions I
have made in the last 2 years and to think about date. We also go to
sleep in the Temple Housng, which was cool. The next mornign we woke
up early and go ready to head from teh Temple to President
Dennis´house here and we had our conference. It was so inspirational,
we watched Mormon messages and talked about how we can be a light and
guide to our investigators and our companions. It was so great to see
all of the sister missionaires, It was the first ever and Hermana
Dennis said she would like to have one every 3 months. Which would be

This week we also had a baptism for S! She is a 12 year old who is a
member of a less active family. She is so great, in one day she read
12 chapters in teh Book of Mormon and she even prepared her tithing to
pay it before she was baptized. We are still working with her family
to get them all the way activated in teh chruch so that they can
continue to help her stay active and keep the commandments and one day
enter the temple. She is great and I am so happy we had the
opportunity to teach her.

We also had a talent show this weekend that we the missionaries put
together, people were laughing so hard, we put together 4 skits, the
girl who does not like to act lol. It was so much fun though to do
something different and to show people taht we are only human haha. I
loved it.

My spanish is coming along too. I am talking more and this last Sunday
I had a talk in Sacrament meeting, yes all in Spanish I talked about
Temples adn the Importance of keepnig the commandments so that you can
take your family to the temple. I also acidently said that I wanted an
hombre quiene es digno a entrar el templo con mi propio famila. But
everyoone understood what I was trying to say and many of the sisters
afterwards told me how much they appreiciated my talk and gave me

I love you all so much. Remember MOM HAS A BIRTHDAY coming up and that
Dad´s graduation date is coming up too. Too cute what Lisa came up
with. Love it. It is truly a graduation. [This is a little confusing, for those of you who don't know, our dad passed away 2 years ago on March 3rd. My little sister said he graduated from this life to go onto the next ;)  -Note by Jessica ]

Love you all so much.


Oh and my health issues are getting better. Don´t worry, I have access
to an american doctor here too. Love you!

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  1. Awesome! I loved sisters conference on my mission. We only had one during the 18 months though.