Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Years Ago Today

I was sick with my first cold here in the mission this week.

 I thought I was going to die. I can´t even explain what it feels like to have a fever when it is 85 degrees outside. I am also still having problems with my stomach which is why I have been going to the doctor so much. They didn´t really tell me much after a bunch of tests except that I have a fungus in my intestine but that it shouldn´t be causing the pain I am also having. So I am on antibotics for that fun fun huh. Oh and when I had a sonogram, no I am not pregnant but they needed to see my organs, the doctor found a syst on my ovary, which could be causing the pain I am having but the doctors are not for sure. So right now I am on antibotics, and a strick low fiber diet. The other day I went 36 hours without eatting because my bowels needed to rest said the doctor. Things are getting better though. I am hoping that the pills will help me a bunch and that I can work without seizing.

My spanish is getting better. People tell me all the time I can talk a bunch but I am struggling with getting time to study every day so I am learning when we talk with people, which I guess is the best way. But I want it to get better so I have to keep working on it.

We have been working hard to help members who are less active become active in the church again. I know how hard it can be to come back to church after years or even a short period of time but it is hard to explain this to people. It all starts with the desires of the person, if they want to come back to the church or not. But I hope that I can continue to help people and that they will feel the love that I have for them and continue to follow the commandments of the Lord and see the millions of blessings he has for them. I hope that people are able to easily see this and not look at the commandments as obligations. The Lord gives us commandments to protect us and never gives us a commandment that we can not complete. I love in 1 Nephi 3:7, it says, ¨ 7  Y aconteció que yo, Nefi, dije a mi padre: una a ir y hacer las cosas que el Señor ha mandado, porque sé que él nunca da mandamientos a los hijos de los hombres sin deberá c preparar la vía para que cumplan lo que les ha mandado.¨ 

When I finally realized that commandments where only given to bless and protect us, I finally had a desire to go to the temple for the first time to promise to the Lord to follow all commandments. That day was 2/2/12! Two years ago yesterday. I went to the temple for the first time, I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember seeing my dad and him whispering how beautiful I looked and that he was proud of me. My mom was also by my side the entire day. I am so thankful that I had a true converstion of my heart. I am so thankful that mom and dad prayed for me always and that the decision to go to the temple was only the first in many amazing decisions in the past two years. A little over a year ago I also made the decision to serve a mission and now I am in Ecuador. The Lord changes lives, I am a testiment of that. His Gospel changes lives too. I am so thankful that I know that the church is true, and that it is the only true church here on the EARTH. It is the only church on the earth that has living prophets and apostles who recieve revelation directly from the Lord. I am so grateful for the oportunity I have to know this without a doubt. 

Love you all so much. I can´t wait to tell you how this week goes. We have a multi zone conference this week with an Area 70, so I am super excited for that.


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