Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Months & The Lord Blesses

Hello again!

This week Hermana Y and I have been working hard. She was released from house arrest (lol released by her doctor to work) on Thursday, but we were actually visiting families each night from 7-9 PM as we had 8 less active members in church on the 12th. We were working with them to find out how we can help them become active members in the church again. So we had family home evenings with them and taught them the missionary lessons. The same that the missionaries did with me when I was less active and needed help regaining my testimony of the gospel and the church. It was so amazing to work with the members this week to fellowship other members. This weekend we had 16 less active members in church for our  ward conference. 

The Lord has blessed us so much in this week. Hermana Y always tells me that if we work with the less active members we will find people who have a desire to be baptized. This is so true! Our President always tells us this too. And I have seen how it can be true this week. 

On Monday night we were visiting a less active family, named Familia C, there are 5 less active members who live in the same house. Their neighbor who lives upstairs dropped by to borrow something and we asked if we could visit her. We literly talked to her for less than 5 minutes. We then visited her on Saturday and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and guess what she wants to get baptized on February 1st!! 

 We also have been working with another less active family, named familia G, they have 2 children who are both not members. We are currently working with their 9 year old daughter and teaching her the lessons.

And we talked with two 9 year old twins on Saturday when we were out contacting and scheduled an appointment to visit them and their grandmother the next day. We went back the next day and found out the  grandmother was baptized a long time ago and has not been to the church in 16 years. She went to church on Sunday with her 15 year old son!!! 

The LORD blesses me so much it is crazy. Our Zone Leader also told me that the Lord blesses me everyday when I speak spanish and that in the  past 3 months I have been here my spanish has only gotten better. And that when I rely on the Spirit it will only get stronger!

Well that was pretty much my week. We are back to workng and loving it! 

Here are some photos from the other day. One of our young women planned a family home evenign for her mothers birthday and  we got pictures. 

Love AnnaAlicia                              

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