Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oddest Valentine's Day Ever...

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are all doing great. And that you had an amazing
Valentines Day. I know it was just another Friday full of LOVE and
Amore. I had one of the most unique Valentines Day ever
in my life I am sure.

On Thursday the 14th I went to the doctors for another exam because I
was still having a lot of pain and the pills they were giving me did
not help. So our mission nurse made an appointment and on Thursday
afternoon I went to the doctors to see a stomach doctor. He told me
that I needed to have an Endoscopy done to see my stomach and see what
is causing my pain, bathroom problems, and vomiting. So on Friday
morning we headed to the doctors and they put me to sleep and after
about 10 minutes I woke up and then sleep for about 2 hours because I
had to wait for the aneshia to go away before I left and heading back
to my sector (my area) on the bus. I have pictures and a pretty
awesome video that I will send to you.

After the doctors we headed to our area and started to visit our
investigators and our less active members. On Friday night we had our
first baptism since DECEMBER! Woot woot. I am so happy that we were
able to teach little N and that she choice to enter into a covenant
with her Heavenly Father. Her aunts and uncles are all members but she
is the second member in her famliy to be baptized. Her mother has
heard all of the lessons but she currently lives with her second
husband but they are not legally married. So she can not be baptized.
But she allowed us to teach her 10 year older daughter, named little N
and she was baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday in church. She
is so amazing. She is such an example of what it means to be a light
and example to your family. She has such a strong desire as well to
enter the temple and do baptisms for the dead and to get married there
when she is old enough.

That was the bright part of our week, that we had one baptism. On
Saturday and Sunday it felt like we walked all day without a guide and
all of our appointments cancelled or were not home so we were only
about to teach 1 lesson the entire day. I can not even explain what it
feels like not to have a guide but it is the oddest feeling ever. It
was almost depressing but I know that as I try to be more and more
obident to all of the rules that I will be blessed for my efforts.
Right now we only have one more baptism for this month and none
scheduled for the month of March. Which is sad. I pray every day that
we will find people and that we will be able to help them come closer
to GOD.

As sad as this weekend was, I am so glad I am here. I know that it
will get harder and that I will also have happy moments. The hard
moments are hard but the happy moments make it all worth it.

I love you all and can´t wait to hear from you this week. LOVE YOU!


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