Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I started my mission papers!

It has been a two weeks since my last blog. So I wanted to share some more journal entries from the past month...since I decided to GO on a mission! Yes that is right, this girl who thought I would never serve a mission has started her Mission Papers! 

February 5, 2013 

I meet with the Bishop tonight and shared the news of my decision. He was just as excited as I was. I still have my fears but I know that as I prepare for a mission those will be at ease. Fear is only with my because I am letting the adversary put these fears in my heart. While I was in his office he set up my access to do start my Mission Papers on LDS.org. I couldn't wait to go home and start filling out all the questions!

February 6, 2013 

 I was up late last night and early today to complete almost all of the online missionary application with the exception of my doctor's and dentist's examine questions. I have to find a dentist this month and get in to see them so they can examine my teeth and fill out the forms for me. I also have to get a hold of Kaiser, my last medical provider and have them send my records to my new doctor. (I should have done this years ago when I switched providers but it is such a hassle :(...but it would have saved me some time now). So hopefully I can get that setup during the month of February and March and turn in my papers ASAP! I'm so excited that I have already printed out everything and am just waiting to get the doctor and dental examines setup!!

February 16, 2013 

Let me just start by saying I love my sister Jessica and how she is always so willing to help and of course test out her new camera! Today Jessica is going to come with me and take photos so I can select a picture for my missionary application. I was so excited to take the photo but I was afraid that the clothes I had in my closet were not modest enough for a mission. They were too short or too tight and the list goes on. So last night I went through my closet and dresser to try and put some outfits together. It wasn't until I did that I found a lot of clothes that were modest with a t-shirt, cardigan, or scarf! I ended up packing a whole bag of clothes (yes 8 outfits) for my photo shoot! 

This morning my day started a bit late because I woke up late...and ended up getting to my sister's house about 2 hours later than I said I would be there. She was super irritated when I got to her house because she has so much homework to do this weekend. I told her I would watch Maiya and Luis tonight to help out at her house so she could study. So the day started off with rain (not good for a photo shoot outside, which is what I wanted)...so we decided to head to Hillsboro where the clouds looked blue.  So we went to a really pretty park in Hillsboro but it started to downpour rain, so we just got more irritated. :( We thought about going to the Temple to take photos but I didn't want to waste more of her time. So I just said I prayed it to stop raining but apparently we needed it. So we got back in the car and drove back to Jessica's house. When we got there it was super sunny so our day got a bit brighter. We ended up taking photos in her backyard which is normally not so pretty during the winter months but it was a great backdrop! We took over 200 photos in an hour and they turned out amazing! Thank you so much Jessica for the photos! Here are a few or our favorites and the one I picked for my missionary application (which is the first one on the far left).

Xoxo AnnaAlicia

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