Thursday, April 25, 2013

Be BOLD...Every one can be a missionary


Earlier this week I had a blessing from my home teacher (he is awesome). Lately I have had a lot of blessing which has helped me feel comfort, peace, courage, boldness, and has extremely strengthened my testimony. So, this week I have been working on being more BOLD.  I know that I LOVE the Gospel, My Heavenly Father, and my testimony! 

In the past I have never been one to freely share my testimony. I have always kept it close to me almost like my feelings on political issues. If you are like me with politics  I have ideas and my belief on what I think should happen, but so does everyone else and I really only debate politics with close family members or best friends. In a way I did the same with my testimony. People in general are very passionate about both subjects! So in the past, I have just steered clear of any conversations unless I felt that I needed to share. Yesterday was totally different though I was able to share what I believe and know is true with two people!

The first person I shared with was a co-worker, who I have been friends with for almost 9 years. Religion has never been a topic we have talked about because we normally chat about sports, his kids, his wife, and how our weekend were. So, yesterday we had the opportunity to chat and I told him that I was planning on taking time off to spend time focusing on family and church. That was followed up with what church do you belong too? I was so PROUD to say I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)! He then told me his in-laws are LDS and he loves the LDS people. I'm hoping we can talk more about religion the next time we speak.

The second person I spoke with was with my massage therapist. After work, I went to a massage appointment and while at my appointment I was talking about what I was planning on doing next in life, I told her I was going to serve a mission, she then told me that her Grandmother is LDS and that she takes her to Salt Lake City every year for two weeks to go the Family History Library and work on Genealogy. We then talked for over an hour about the importance of Genealogy and where our families come from! I was also able to invite her to take her Grandmother to the Portland Temple Visitors Center, which she is going to do this coming month.

It was so awesome to share information about the church and I felt great doing it. Sometimes sharing doesn't mean telling someone your testimony or handing them a Book of Mormon and telling them they should read it, it's the best book on Earth. Sometimes its just about PLANTING A SEED.

Everyone can be a missionary! You just have to pray daily for a missionary experience and have LOVE for everyone you meet! Love always, Sister Weller

Side Note: I am still waiting for my official mission call from Salt Lake. I should get it today or tomorrow at the latest!

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