Monday, November 10, 2014

I am being transformed with Faith Filled Thoughts

Hi Family!!!

This week was a little hard because Sister B and I were both sick at different times so we really only had one working day in our area. I am so thankful that the Lord is always here helping us though and giving us the strength we need to overcome of physical weaknesses like getting sick. We were in the house almost the entire week except for Saturday and Sunday. The Lord still blessed us for our efforts though because little S (who was baptized last week) was confirmed a member of the Church. She was so excited to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

This week being in the house and having a bad headache gave me way too much time to think. I found that Satan was attacking me and making me be less and less motivated to overcome the migraine that I had. As I talked with the Nurse she told me to take the medicine that my neurologist gave me and once I took that and sleep some, I was able to get working again. When I went to take a nap on Thursday I found a quote of something my Mission President had said before. " When you choose to represent Jesus Christ you choose to be transformed." As I read that I decided once I was able to overcome the migraine that I would do everything in my power to allow Christ to continue to transform me on my mission. 

This week as I have studied I have really focused on what my purpose is as a missionary and how much TRUST the Lord has in each missionary that he calls to the work. The prophet, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and my mission president have allowed me to serve here in the Los Angeles California Mission. 

I was able to find so much strength and personal guidance when I was in the temple this week as well. I have the power to overcome any distraction, or negative thought that Satan wants me to believe. I know that as I continue to have faith-filled thoughts I will continue to be edified in the Lords work and that I will not allow discouragement to weaken my testimony. 

I have seen already how much the Lord and Christ have transformed me as a missionary and I just want to continue to do better and better. This week my focus is to re-commit myself to my calling as a missionary and continue to increase my personal testimony of the Gospel.

I can't wait to get out and work again tonight. Being sick is so boring. Doing the Lord's work is what makes me so happy. 

Love Hermana Weller

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