Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 11- The Lord is pouring blessings on our area

This week has been great I just love being a missionary and waking up every morning to put on my name badge. I would even wear it to bed if it wasn't for the fact that it would fall off. Having a name badge that says I am a representative of Jesus Christ is amazing. It gives me the strength I need each day when we go out to share the gospel and gives me the knowledge that the Savior loves me and he wants me to know it. When I think that I can't do this anymore or that I don't feel prepared enough, I remember who I represent and just go to work. I am the happiest when I am working .

This week the Lord has truly blessed Sister B and I in all the miracles he is pouring down on our area. This past week we ran into a man named M who we have talked to little by little for the last month. We meet with him on Thursday afternoon and talked with him about what we do as missionaries and that we help people prepare for baptism. We told him the Lord loves him and that he sent his son to forgive us for our sins. He gave us the perfect example of how we can overcome our sins by asking for forgiveness and enter into the waters of baptism. He then asked us how old he needed to be to be baptized. We told him that we believe that people who are 8 and older have the ability to chose and act for themselves. We then invited him to prepare to be baptized on the 31st of August. We also stopped by yesterday to see if we could talk to him with the Elder's Quorum President, he wasn't home but his wife was. She said that she has been praying for so that she can go to church again, to find a church. We have an appointment with M and his wife tonight. We are super excited to commit them to be baptized together and to CHANGE.

On Saturday we also went to the Visitor's Center with D and her parents. The sisters that were at the Visitor's Center were amazing. They really focused on our investigators parents concern which was about prophets and revelation. I could feel the power of the Holy Ghost so strong. It was because of the Holy Ghost that we could feel that we were able to see how we have the ability to be sealed in the temple and why we have this gospel on the earth again. 

The other night we were looking for one our investigators, who we were not able to see for weeks. We were in a trailer park that had a swimming pool and my companion joked and said, let's ask the people in the pool to see if they know where our investigator might be. He wasn't there but I felt the strong impression to speak with the people in the pool. So we did, and one of the younger men that was there was someone I had spoken too, two months ago. We found him at the trailer park that was blocks from where we talked to him. We talked to him and then set a return appointment for this Wednesday night.

I read a quote today from the prophet Thomas S. Monson that said, "Unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives." So serve one another this week. Show someone that you love them. Invite someone to talk with the missionaries! We don't bite I promise. 

Love always, Sister Weller

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