Monday, August 25, 2014

July 21-Prayers Are The Answer

Well we are at the end of another transfer, I have been here in the California Los Angeles Mission for 3 months already and absolutely love it. I could not have asked the Lord to allow me to serve in a better mission. This week has felt like our area is on fire. We have so many people that the Lord has blessed us with. We don't have time to see them all. it is like we need another set of missionaries just for our little 3 mile long 4 mile wide piece of East LA. We have been working with our four investigators that have a baptismal date.

The Lord has been answering our prayers all week. On Saturday, we were a little short on a few of our goals and we had LA English, our ward correlation meeting, and then a trip to the Visitor's Center, so before we left to go running we said a prayer that the Lord would bless us with 5 conversations, 1 new investigator, and 2 referrals. As we left to go running, we just talked with anyone. We ended up finding 3 new investigators that we are going to visit this Tuesday and also got 2 referrals and have 6 conversations. This all happened because we prayed and asked for them. The Lord is continuing to bless us because we are being obedient. 

On Sunday we did a Baptismal Font Tour with M after church and I think that really helped him to overcome his fear of the unknown. He even stayed for church and he was running a fever. He had his baptismal interview after church too and he is so ready to be baptized this coming Sunday. Pray for him that he will continue to learn more in the gospel and that he will be rely on the Lord to help him overcome his fears. 

We have also been blessed with amazing MEMBERS because this past Saturday we went to the Visitor's Center with F so that he could feel the spirit and learn more about the Holy Ghost and really what Jesus Christ did for us. The spirit was so strong through the entire tour, we were blesses with the most amazing Sister Missionaries to help us. We started in the Room called the Savior of the World and watched a video about how he gave us the ability to repent of our sins. Then we watched a video about how the Holy Ghost can help us in our lives. As we sat in the Special Witnesses Room, I felt the SPIRIT so strong. As we watched the video I thought of a scripture about how if we believe in these things, come unto him and receive his help. As I read that scripture to F, I felt a strong impression to invite him to be baptized this Sunday the 27th. He said he wasn't for sure because he still felt like he wasn't worthy. We asked him to pray to know if he should be baptized. He prayed and said that he would continue to think about it. When we went to visit him on Sunday, he said, I want to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. So BAPTIZE ME. So now we are setting up his baptism for this Sunday. There is so much power in the Visitor's Center and the amazing spirit that is there. 

I also finished the BOOK OF MORMON in English again! My goal now is to read it in Spanish by December 31st. I sent a few of you a mark read along thing to read with me. I am so excited to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, I end up liking different verses because in Spanish things are explained a little differently. I am so excited!

Oh almost forgot to mention, with transfers and all. Sister J is leaving me and going to another spanish area here in our mission. I have loved being here with her. I am staying, still driving, and will be training 2 new sister missionaries! What! Yes, I am training. I am super excited. I find out who my new companions are tomorrow at our transfer reunion. I'll send a picture next week.

I just love being a missionary and being a servant of the Lord. 

Love, Hermana Weller

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