Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 4- Loving It!

I heard that there is a new baby in the family again! How great. I can't believe our little family is growing so much. Baby after baby. I am just waiting for someone else to tell me they are pregnant too. So I am sure that will happen next week. 

We had some changes this past week. I am now only training Sister B. Sister M got transferred last Tuesday to a new area. It is okay though it is what the Lord wanted. Our area is still just bursting at the seems with work and I just love it. I love being a missionary and someone who can invite others to come closer to him. I realized something pretty significant the other day that no one else here except for Sister B and I can invite our investigators to be baptized. We are the two missionaries who are here in our area to invite the Lord's children to come back to him. 

This week we saved a baptismal date, or the Lord worked through us to save it! One of our investigators came to church two weeks ago and then went to Girls Camp. We heard she had a great time and really enjoyed it but then last week she didn't come to church. When we talked to her we asked her to continue to meet with us so that we could help her to learn more about the Gospel. She agreed.  We had such a great lesson with her and felt the spirit. Then we invited her to try our ward again and she did and loved it. The girls she made friends with at Girls Camp were all there and they made her feel so comfortable. She accepted a baptismal date for August 17! 

M who was baptized two weeks ago was confirmed on Sunday. He also set a GOAL to go to the temple in 2015 exactly a year after he was baptized. So excited for him to continue on this journey. 

Right now we have two investigators who are working towards their baptisms for the 17th of August! Two great girls who are already in love with the Young Women's Program and who love coming to church. Pray for them, their names are A and D. 

Love always, Sister Weller

P.S. Check out the new in Spanish. I love it!

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