Sunday, October 12, 2014

I cried about pan dulce...

So this week has been another amazing week here in California. It rained, I cried while driving and we are teaching some amazing people.

Our little house on Santa street is like a little heater oven. It gets so hot in there and we have these two amazing box fans which sometimes just blow around hot air. :) It was so amazing on Sunday morning when we walked outside and it was raining. I just wanted to dance but instead we ran and got in the car lol. 

I went to the diabetic doctor this past Friday. She said that everything looked good for my A1C, it was 5.6, which is the lowest one I have ever had. She told me to check my blood sugar more often so that I can adjust my medicine when I need too. So I am working on that. I have to check it 4 times a day now...which is way more than I ever have. I go back in two weeks to see her again. Before that I am going to work on being more motivated to work out. So after my doctors appointment we were out near one of my favorite Mexican bakeries and I realized that I couldn't eat any more amazing I just started crying. My companion asked me what was wrong and I told her and all she could do was laugh. She said the look on my face was priceless. I wish she would have recorded it for me so that I could see it now because I had tears just running down my face. LOL. Apparently I am addicted to pan dulce. jk.Back to missionary things...

The Lord has been blessings us. We have been working with the P&O family! The husband named O is working on receiving his priesthood so that he can baptize his daughter N and wife P. They are the husband and wife that were married about two weeks ago now. They have been coming to church for the past month and they are making so many changes. They want to come closer to Christ and know that the Lord will continue to help them as they get through all of these challenges. They are super excited for this coming Sunday with conference and all. I can't wait for October 12th when O can baptize his daughter and wife, so they can continue to make the steps they need to in their life. To return to live with our loving Heavenly Father. We are going to the Visitors Center with this family tonight and we can't wait! I am so excited about going so that they can see what their big goal is. 

Their two nieces who we have been teaching for the past two months, named A and N also accepted to be baptized on October 12th! We are so excited to help this entire family come back to the gospel and be baptized so that they can live together in the eternities. 

We also meet this amazing mother and her 10 year old son named R. They were playing with some rubber tennis rackets in the park, we started to talk to her and played with her son R. She told us that he suffered from down syndrome, so we stayed and played a little at the park with them, while we shared with them about the great plan of salvation. R mom invited us to come over this week to share more with her. We are so excited to see them!

This week has been amazing. Hermana B and I are having so much fun talking with everyone and sharing this Gospel with our Brothers and Sisters. I am so excited for Conference which is coming up this next weekend. I hope that you will all watch it and enjoy it. 

Love you a ton, Hermana Weller
P.S. I apparently didn't take any pictures this week but I did get one of some candied apples I bought to celebrate Halloween a bit early lol. You all know I love the Holidays.

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