Sunday, October 12, 2014

Savor the moment


How is everyone doing? How was General Conference? Who was your favorite speaker? Which message touched your heart? I love them all. They were all so inspired and literately they just spoke to me. I loved conference this OCTOBER. Really I love Conference every October. Tell me what your favorite conference talk was and why?

This week started with one of the most amazing nights ever at the Visitors Center here in Los Angeles. We went with a family we have been working with P & O. They took all of their girls too. It was such an amazing MONDAY night at the Visitors Center. No one was there so we were able to go where ever we needed too in the center. We started in the family room and P just started crying as she saw the video there. (Go and see it, if you have not in awhile). It shares how we can be a happy family and that we have the hope that if we continue on this path of righteousness, that we can live with our heavenly father again. We also looked at pictures of the temple and what happens there. P and O are so excited to go next October and have their family sealed to them. This weekend they also went to General Conference and P told us that all of her questions were answered by the apostles and messengers for God. She said that she had a testimony before but now knows for sure that they are called of God. She is getting baptized this Sunday by her husband O! He is also going to baptized their daughter N. This family is such an example to me. 

Their family is why I am supposed to be here in Los Angeles. Lately I have been struggling with worrying about the unknown after my mission, like where will I work? will I work? What will I study? When will I get married? Satan just needs to stop because I have 6 months left and I need to help even more people while I am here! One of my old companions shared with me that she focused on being excited about where she was, so that she wouldn't get distracted or discouraged. I took that and put it into practice this week. I also read something this last week in the Ensign for this month, that said "Savor the moment". So I decided to do that and recommit myself to my mission. I am going to put my trust in the Lord and not going to worry about what might or might not happen after the mission. One thing  I know for sure, is if that if I can't trust him...I can't expect my investigators too or my new members too. So I am putting my trust in the Lord, committing myself to my mission call every day and focusing on Savoring the Moment! I decided to follow Henry B. Ering's advice and Choose This Day to serve the Lord again! (

I found that this applied really well to this week, as one of our new members who is 12, got an F on this test and he asked us, why would the Lord allow this if I studied before the test, read in my scriptures, and prayed every night. Why would I get a bad grade on my test? When we stopped by on Sunday afternoon to see why he didn't go to church with his mom and sister he told us it was because he didn't believe what we had told him. That if he studied and followed the commandments the Lord would help him to recall what he had learned. I felt sorry for him, he seemed to try. When we asked him how long he studied he said for 15 minutes before his test and when he took the test he couldn't remember anything. As I reflected on this today, I realized that he needs help relying on his testimony and how he can obtain a knowledge of this gospel when he applies himself. So that is what we are going to work on this week with him. So that this weekend he can come to church and renew his baptismal promises. 

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about MEET THE MORMONS (!!! We had a conference this past week and watched Meet the Mormons with our Mission President, it is such an inspirational movie that is literately full of who we really are. I invite everyone to go and see it. It comes out this Thursday on October 10th and all of the money will be donated to the Red Cross. It is such a great movie and pretty funny as well. 

I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support!!!

Love, Hermana Weller 

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