Sunday, October 12, 2014

Roller coaster kind of week


Family- I heard that you had so much fun this past weekend. I am so sorry I missed the blessing but what can I say I have helping other families come closer to Christ through me. Pretty crazy to say really. That is what I am doing though. Helping other families have the same blessings that our family already has. It is so exciting! Such a great work to be involved in. 

This week has been a roller coaster...let me just start you remember the M family from last week?

Just a little flash back from last week...One of the families is the M family, we started teaching them the week I got to this mission back in April, we taught them and the mother had a baptismal date for June but at the last minute things were super crazy with their family situation and they decided to take a break from our lessons. The Lord truly blessed us though because we were out the other day and me and Sister B both looked at each other and said let's go visit them and just see how they are doing. So we stopped by and they opened the door and were happy to see us again! We started to see them and we had the 1st counselor in the Bishopric go and see them last Wednesday to give them a blessing. After that we visited every day with a member and on Sunday when they came to church everyone was so happy to see them there. It was super awesome! The Lord has been so great to us.

Well this week, on Monday we had planned to go and visit with them and share with them about how their family could be together for all time and eternity when they prepare to go to the temple! When we got there with two members from the ward, P came out and told us that her and her family were getting kicked out and they they had not been working so they didn't have money to find another place. My heart was literately breaking as she told us what was happening. I had no idea what to do, and so I said a prayer in my heart and little did I know that the Lord has blessed us with such a great Ward Missionary Leader, because he called the Bishopric and told them what was happening and on Wednesday they had a meeting with the bishop. On Tuesday they went out and looked for apartments with a member and they are still looking. What I have seen this week is that members are amazing and that they help us so much! On Sunday P and her whole family went to STAKE CONFERENCE. We also meet with them this week and we set a baptismal date for the 27th of September. We are so excited for her and this change in her life. Her husband O has been a support to her this time as well. He is making Sunday their family day and is not working so that they can spend more time together. It is so amazing. I just love this family!

When I went home on Monday night I just cried and felt so at a loss of what to do for P and O and their family (the M family). I just felt so helpless and then I remembered I have given them the best thing I could, that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have shared with them a part of my heart and they will always be there in my heart. I wasn't really sure why I was sent here to the Los Angeles Mission when I decided to get re-assigned but I now know. I know it was to meet and have the opportunity to teach this family. To help them have the same happiness I have been blessed with in my family.   

I just love that I have the ability to share this with others. I hope that you have such a great week. Love you all so much!

Hermana Weller

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