Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 9-Zone Conference and Father's Day

How are you all doing? I have loved getting all of your emails this last week. I love reading about how you are all doing and what fun you are having! It sounds like it is finally summer there too maybe. What are you all going to do this week when school gets out?? I am sure the grand kids are going to CLAIM mom's house for the summer and move out when school starts again. The joys of being a wonderful grandmother! 

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to DAD!!!  That totally came up too fast. It was just mothers day...Dad is having a great fathers day in Heaven this year again. He is probably going to drive a fast cloud around a race track up there. :) Happy FATHERS DAY to Chris, Jason, Jeremy, and Jose! Make sure you show your kids how much you love them this coming Sunday! How was Stake Conference? I hope that it was great and that a message that was shared is helping you in some way. I know that every conference I go to here on the mission is exactly that way.

Transfers (changes) are happening tomorrow but Hermana J and I found out last night that "we are on fire" so we are both staying in our ward and with each other! I am so excited. Over the last 6 weeks we talked with 1,250 people in our little area! Can you believe that...our goal is to have 20 conversations a day to be obedient and we are doing 30 or more each day. We have already seen so many blessings from doing just that. 

This week has been yet another great week. Sometimes I wonder how we are doing so much but we are so excited for the work and so excited to wake up every morning and talk to people. I am so happy to serve the Lord day after day in this part of LA. We now wake up every morning with an attitude like I AM GOING TO CONQUER THE WORLD SO EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT. When we do that we have some of the best days ever. I can't even tell you how great our days are. Sometimes everything falls through and we have what looks like no one to teach but then we end up finding so many new people who want to learn. 

I also had one of my best companion study sessions this week that just showed me how much the Lord knows each and every one of us. We were kind of lost on what to teach one of our investigators (someone who is interested in finding out about the church but not yet baptized), we decided to role play a lesson with her. We started and said okay, in 10 minutes we are going to stop and evaluate how things are going and think about what we have learned. Well after 10 minutes we had learned so much! I was playing our 15 year old investigator and the questions I was asking my companion who was playing the missionary where exactly what the Lord wanted me to ask. My companion at first said I didn't learn anything but I was able to help her realize that we had. We learned that she didn't understand what the Savior had done for her. So when we went later that night to our appointment that is exactly what we focused on. It was such an awesome experience.

We also had my first ZONE Training this week. Where all of the missionaries in our area get together and do training. It only happens once every 6 weeks. It was so great and so inspired. The Sister Trainers taught part of it and explained that on the path back to the Lord, the Savior is always here for us. The missionaries are just here to uplift and strengthen the people, but that each person has to reach out and grab the Lord's hand themselves. It was so great. 

I am loving life literally! I have another 6 weeks here in my same area and can't wait to see who else we can find to help come closer to the Lord!

A birthday present from is a notebook with old school papers...

Love you a ton! 

Hermana Weller

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