Saturday, June 28, 2014

May 12-Miracles Happen Everyday!


This past week we had a Zone Conference (that is where a lot of missionaries from different areas get together to meet with the Mission President). We talked about DILIGENCE as a missionary and in our lives. It was such a great conference. I was so inspired afterwards. We learned a lot about Making Goals (how to set them, how to plan, and then how to achieve them). Elder Ballard of the 12 Apostles, promises us that if we can perfect this process we will be successful at any thing we put our minds too. So I plan on perfecting this because I want to own my own business and prefect that! I also want to be successful on my mission as well. Everything I am learning here will only help me afterwards too though.

My companions and are unstoppable. We are great together and so obedient to the guidelines and mission rules. I have never seen so many blessings from being obedient. Before I got here I always had a hard time getting up in the morning but know I walk up every morning at 6 AM so we can go running before 6:45 and then get ready for the day. I have never found it easier to get out of bed. I know that as I continue to do this and continue to be obedient that we will SEE SO MANY BLESSINGS and MIRACLES!

Here are just a few that I can't believe happened!

As a mission we have a goal that each person needs to contact at least 10 people every day. That means that we have to have a meaningful conversation with them. We have also been working on asking people for
referrals to friends or family that they might think would be interested in our message. This week the LORD blessed us because we talked with 187 people and out of these people we got 23 referrals! That is the most I have ever received in my entire mission! We had one family that gave us 7 people who may be interested in one night! Now we are working with them to teach them!

This past Friday our ward had a Mother's Day Dinner and we invited so many less active members and people who are learning more about the church and a lot of them came! It was so great to see them at Church and at an activity where they could get to know more people. I am also making more of an effort to remember peoples names. That is the worst when you forget and they just told you like 2 minutes ago. The worst! So I am working on that because when you talk too so many people you just have too. The members here are great. I am trying to remember who they are better and better each day. It will come. 

I should probably tell you more about our area too. Our ward has 3 sets of missionaries and so our ward is split into 3 different sections. Our section is probably about 4 miles long and 3 miles wide. So it is pretty small but there are so many people who live in that area! Each morning when we go running, or afternoon when we talk to
people on the street, we hardly ever run into the same person. Which is great because well we have 40,000 people to each missionary here in our mission. We are in a suburb area I think of the Bigger LA area. I am in an area or city called BG. It is kind of towards the NE part of our mission boundaries. We are about 30-40 minutes from the Mission office by car.

Our District (which is just a small group of missionaries in the same area) is all the missionaries in our ward. In Ecuador my District, was missionaries from 3 different wards. So that just tells you how many missionaries are in each ward. I love it though. We have a car, but I did buy a bike this past week (I couldn't pass, it was a Schwinn for $120 with a helmet). We might have to use it because we are already pretty low on miles for our car. We live in a small house that has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom and that is pretty much it. Hermana Y and I share a bunk bed. It is pretty great.

My companions are amazing and they keep me in check on my diet plan...really they just help me. I have been drinking FLAX milk which is so good. It is about $3.50 a box but it lasts about a week so it is
great! I have also been doing green smoothies daily for breakfast or lunch and then salad for lunch with chicken. At dinner we get feed by the members in our area, so we eat a lot of beans, tortillas, and know the normal Hispanic foods. I love it though. I am just learning to say no more often.

I am not sure what else to talk about this week. Know that I love you all and that I would love to get letters from you. Even the ones you send in the mail. We get mail once a week here so it is super fast and
I promise to write back too.

Love you a ton!

Hermana Weller

Overlooking the area

The church building we have church at

Hermana Y and J

Our bunk bed

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