Saturday, June 28, 2014

May 19-Angels in Los Angeles

This week has been so so so so so amazing. We are for sure Hastening the Work of Salvation, we are running from appointment to appointment and running to catch up to people to speak with them. Just image someone in a skirt running, funny sight. I think so! 

Elder Ballard is visiting our mission on June 1st, on Lisa's birthday! So to prepare for his visit we have been asked to deepen our prayers, speak with 10 people a day (have a gospel conversation with them) and also read our scriptures daily. So in order to do that, in our companionship since there are three of us, we talk with 30 or more people a day. It is so much fun. I love learning about people and finding out about their families! We have been so blessed from it! We have new people to teach, more people to visit, and we are finding people who want to get baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out why it was so important to talk with so many people. 

I love my companions so much and love the energy that we have together. We are Hastening the Work in our area and evaluating everything we are doing to try and get better and better! For each goal we are planning and making sure that we are doing a nightly evaluation of where we are and then making plans for the next day. We have also been using more and more effective ways of planning and we are getting better at it. I love my companions, I know I just said that but I really do. I have been learning so much for both Hermana J and Hermana Y. 

Oh I also had my first exchange this week (with Sister L she is a Sister Trainer). So I stayed with my companion Hermana J and then we got a new companion for 24 hours named Hermana L. It was such a great day! I also DROVE in Los Angeles. That was so crazy after 9 months of not driving. Watch out California...just joking it was so easy.

We also had so many miracles this week from being obedient in all things. This weekend we had 3 investigators at church! P and her daughters came to church for the first time (she has a baptism date for June 1st). M C also came to church, she currently doesn't have a baptism date but we have seen so many changes in her since we started teaching her at the beginning of the transfer. 

I guess I should also explain the title...Angels in Los Angeles! We had a member come with us to a visit and he bore his testimony and explained how when our investigator let us come to her home day after day she was allowing the Lord's Angels to come and visit her. He bore the most beautiful testimony ever and invited our young MC who is 15 to be his spiritual daughter, him and his wife. They are so amazing and work with the Youth in our ward. Then she came to church this weekend for the first time. We were so HAPPY to see her there. 

I have never been happier to serve the Lord! Each day I wake up with such enthusiasm to get out and talk to people and find the people that the Lord has prepared. I love it! I love my area and my ward and Los Angeles! 

Hermana Weller

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