Saturday, June 28, 2014

May 26-Happy Memorial Day

Not a lot of time to write this week. The library is closed and we are emailing from the Church in 30 minutes shifts. So I am pretty much out of time. First, let me just say THANK YOU for the Birthday Emails and the Birthday Packages this week. My district, was like wow Sister Weller you are loved, then they found out it was my birthday haha. So we celebrated all weekend. They all sang to me after District Meeting, then had a little birthday party with candy and cake on Saturday! So much fun! Birthday weekend!

This week, my companion Sister Y got transferred, so I became the Senior Companion. What!! I know. This week has been so great and so hard at the same time. I was super nervous when I got the call from Elder P that the Mission President wanted me to be the Senior Companion in our area of BG. I was so nervous that I didn't sleep well the night before Hermana Y left us but as I studied that day about putting your TRUST and CONFIDENCE in the Lord things got easier and easier. It seems everything that I have been studying lately has been about putting my TRUST in him and not in myself, with teaching, with contacting, and with talking to people in Spanish. As I have done that I have seen so many blessing this week. I have gained the confidence I need to be the Senior Companion and how I can continue to help Hermana J gain her confidence as well with the language and with teaching people.

This week has been so great . One of the many miracles we are seeing is that asking everyone for a referral or sometimes more than once really works. This week we asked a total of 85 times for referrals and we received 18 which exceeded our goal by 4. 

I am also seeing the BIG miracles in PASS ALONG cards. We may be asking for too many in the Need List each week but with everyone we talk to we have a goal to leave them with something. Lately, the Salt Lake City Temple Pass Along card has been getting us so many referrals with children. We gave a few out to a group of kids the other night and they asked us if that place was Heaven and how they could get there. They then gave us all of their parents information and we told them we would be back by in a few days to talk with them and their parents. When  you ask someone how they feel when they see the temple, we have heard, this is better than a castle, I want to live there with my family, is this Heaven?, how can I go there? and can you tell my parents about this right now. Pass along cards are so great. 

Each day we see so many miracles sometimes it is hard to remember them all. 

This next Sunday Elder BALLARD is coming to visit our mission so more news on that next week. Love you and again thank you for your love! Have a good BBQ today!

Hermana Weller

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