Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Because of HIM

This weekend was one of the most memorable weekends I have had. I loved spending time with my family, crushing Easter eggs on my family members heads, going to church and feeling the Holy Ghost like I have never felt it before, announcing where I would be serving the second part of my mission, and reflecting on why I am blessed with all of these great things. A family, a mission, friends, the Holy Ghost...all of this is possible #BECAUSE OF HIM...

It is because of him that I know that I know that...
I am a child of God
I am a sister of Jesus Christ
I am a daughter to my amazing parents
I am a sister to my brothers and sisters
My family here on earth can live together in the Eternities
My life on earth is only for a moment of time
When I die, my life is only beginning not ending

It is because of him that I feel his love each and every day
that I feel the Holy Ghost
that I can make decisions about my life and feel his support

I know that this is only #Because of HIM

What are you thankful for #Because of HIM?

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