Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things to ask before you pack

Here are some things I have learned since I have now prepared for two different missions. I hope this helps you as you prepare to serve on your mission. These are just things I have learned to ask right away so you can edit what you are taking and leave home the things you do not need.

You will also get a packet with your missions specific instructions with your packet but it may be a good idea to also get a hold of your mission directly and ask a few questions.

  1. Find out if you are in a biking, walking, or driving mission? Why does this matter?

    Walking - Invest in good walking shoes at least two pairs and some cute flats for church. I wouldn't bother taking wedges or heels. You're feet will hate you if you do.

    > If you are going foreign make sure you take enough for you're entire mission. I was in Ecuador and shoes in my size were super expensive and they were Payless brand. So what you could normally get in the states was about $45 for a pair of flats.

    > If you are going state side it is not as hard to find more shoes. So you do not have to worry about making sure you take everything with you. I would still get at least one good pair of walking shoes in black or brown and then some cute flats.

    Biking - Invest in shoes that have straps so that your shoes do not fall off when you are biking around. I would also make sure that you purchase bike shorts of some kind to wear under your skirts.

    > Check with your mission to find out if you need to buy a bike. For example, I spoke with the mission secretary who told me that I could just use one of the bikes they have (It's just a bike that an old missionary left, so they didn't have to ship it home). Otherwise you have to ship one to your mission and then take it with you each and every transfer.

    Driving - You are just spoiled lol. I would still get some comfy shoes and of course cute flats and small wedges are not so bad when you do not have to walk in them all day.

    >You will also need to head to your DMV and request a copy of your driving record. I paid about $8 for this and it is basically so you can drive in your mission. You can ask your mission as well and they can send you what to ask for.

    Tip: Wear your new shoes before you leave for at least a month so that you can stretch them out and hopefully not get blisters. I didn't and the entire time at the MTC had blisters on the back of my heals. The Elder's just laughed at us.

  2. Wait until you know where you are going before you buy anything...

    This was probably one of my hardest rules to follow and quite frankly I didn't follow my own advice. So I shopped and bought things only to find out that I didn't really need it, so it was a waste of money and shopping time. I know it is hard, but wait until  you know where you are going before you buy. Of course things like bras, work out clothes, and white or black t-shirts is okay, but I wouldn't buy much more.

    Why? Because if you get called to Hawaii, that cute wool skirt you just bought is staying home. If you get called to England, the super cute light skirt you just bought is also staying home.

  3. Ask if the mission is an iPad mission?  Why is it important?

    If your mission uses an iPad, then you do not have to take as many books, for example you can leave the following at home:
    - Missionary Reference Library
    - Gospel Art Book
    - Preach My Gospel (Large size...take the mini's)
    -Gospel Principles (in your mission language)

    Plus, you will get about 20 lbs of books from the MTC, which include most of these plus a new set of scriptures in your mission language and language learning books. So why not save some lbs for clothes or other things you need.

  4. Ask if your mission supplies bedding, blankets, or pillows?

    If you are going foreign, ask! When I served in Ecuador, our mission supplied Hygienic Bed Covers, throw blankets, a pillow and mosquito nets. So obviously this saved me on having to take all of these things in my luggage.

    If you are serving in the states, you are responsible for supplying your own bedding. So, here is what I would bring...
    - 2 sets flat sheets
    - 2 fitted sheets
    - 1 light throw blanket
    - 1 pillow
    - 1 comforter
    I went online and shipped my comforter and sheets to my mission. I purchased my bedding from Target because I liked their designs and the comforter was reversible and then I just got the mission home address and shipped it for $5 to my mission.

  5. What can I listen too? Your music questions....
    Each mission is different, so make sure to ask what music you can listen too. In my mission, we were allowed to listen to anything that was instrumental but it also had to be uplifting. So obviously no Metallica here. Music is what made my day on my mission and could make a hard morning so much better by just listening to something spiritual.

    Here are a few places to find great music.
    > Free and downloadable at LDS.org Youth Music
    > Purchase CD's from Dessert (kind of expensive)
    > Get them on iTunes

    I purchased a USB and then downloaded all of my music beforehand and purchased a speaker to plug my USB into with a wall charger. All in all, about $30 dollars. I paid about $15 for the speaker in Ecuador and then about $15 for the USB.

    I would think about how you are going to listen to music and what you are going to do before you leave. I never realized how much I loved music until I couldn't listen to it on my iPhone using Pandora.
Here are just a few tips that at the moment are helping me decide what to take and what to leave. Hope this helps you. Let me know if there are other questions you may need advice for.

Happy packing!

Your Sister Missionary, Hermana Weller

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