Saturday, April 19, 2014

Travel Instructions for those going to the Mexico City MTC

If you are getting ready to head out on your own missionary adventure. Here is an email I got from my travel helper (someone will be assigned to you based on where you serve). I got this email on Sept 24 which was the night before I left. So I thought I would post it on my blog just in case you are like me and like to know what is happening before you leave to the MEXICO MTC.

Below is your e-ticketed itinerary for your travel to Mexico City.  Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight time.

Make sure to have your Sponsor Letter (mailed to you two weeks before you leave), FMM Instructions Sheet (mailed to you two weeks before you leave) and a copy of your mission call letter with you (you need this when you go through CUSTOMS)!

NAMETAGS-    Will be issued at the Mexico MTC.

AIRLINE TICKET- You have been issued an ‘E-Ticket’. It is an electronic ticket. Actual ticket numbers are listed on the itinerary, therefore, at check- in you will only need to provide the airline the flight itinerary listed below.

PACKING – When packing your bags for your trip to Mexico City, pack a clean shirt, socks, garments, etc. in your carry-on bag.  This is just in case your bags do not arrive with you in Mexico City. By being prepared, you can still look professional even though you may not have full use of your clothing.

BAGGAGE FEES – Please visit your airline(s) individual website(s) for information on baggage fees and weight allowances. You will be responsible to pay airline baggage fees when traveling to the Mexico MTC. According to the Missionary Department, each missionary is allowed 2 bags at 50 pounds each, unless otherwise stated in your call packet if serving in Central or South America. You will have to pay for baggage to the mission, but will be reimbursed once you arrive in the field if you have your receipts. Fees paid excess bag weight will not be reimbursed.

My tips on Baggage Fees: I would suggest checking the airlines with who you will travel. For example when I was flying to Mexico City, I flew on an international flight through AeroMexico and the carry on could only be 22 lbs! So check the airlines before you leave thinking you are at the 150lb limit for 2 checked and one carry on. 

AIRPORT – Upon arrival at the airport, go immediately to the airline’s check-in counter. Make sure to check your bags all the way to Mexico City then proceed directly to the boarding gate for your flight—check departure screens to make sure you go to the right gate.  Board the flight as soon as seats are called so the flight will not be delayed and your seat will not be given away.  Please be aware that it will be your responsibility to pay for your baggage fees from your home to the MTC.

EN ROUTE – At each connecting city where you change planes, go directly to the boarding gate and check in for your next flight.  If your flight plans change en route, immediately call Church Travel and advise them of all the changes.  Stay close to the departure gate so you will be aware of any updates or other changes.

DELAYED FLIGHTS – If, for any reason, your departure is delayed, call the Church Travel Office as soon as you have been advised of the new schedule.

LOST BAGGAGE – If all your bags do not arrive with you at your final destination, you MUST file a “lost baggage report” with the baggage office of the airline on which you arrived before you leave the airport!

My tips on Lost Baggage: I printed and taped luggage tags to the inside of my bags (click here for free luggage tag printables). I also printed a few extra for when I traveled from Mexico City to my mission. It was suggested by the airlines. So luckily I looked into that my last night at home.

VISA – Your passport will be stamped with a visa by an immigration official at the Mexico City Airport.

ONCE YOU ARRIVE IN MEXICO CITY, you will pass through immigration, you will then collect your baggage and pass through customs inspection. After passing through customs please exit the terminal, stepping to one side to avoid blocking the doorways. Please stay in a group with the other missionaries. There will be a greeter from the MTC waiting for you; please look for them. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI OR ACCEPT A RIDE FROM OTHER INDIVIDUALS.

I hope this helps! I was a bit scared to fly to Mexico City by myself but once I got there I saw about 20 or so Elders in suits and knew I found the right place!

Love, your missionary! Hermana Weller


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