Friday, April 4, 2014

Leaning on The Lord


So last Thursday I went to the doctor and meet with a stomach doctor, he told me that all of my tests came back negative and that he thinks that I contracted something back in December when I first started going to the doctor that basically thinned the lining of my stomach, which caused the stomach irritation, vomiting, and possibly the diarrhea as well. He said that since it had been so long, he is not able to tell what it may have been. He also told me that the reason why it just got worse and worse is because it takes from 6 months to a year for your stomach lining and your cells to mature and fight off the irritation and not cause the cramping pain that I have right now. So he told me that he would like to wait 4-6 weeks to see how my stomach is improving. He also has me on a high fiber diet with no milk or dairy products. My stomach is feeling better, I do not need to use the bathroom so much but I still have the pain. (So things are looking up).

So this is where I am at. I have to wait about another 3 weeks, minimum, to call him and see what my next steps are. 

Right now he recommended that I not go back to a 3rd or 2nd world country to finish my mission, as I will just have the same problems if not worse with my stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting. He also told me not to leave the country for 2 months minimum. 

He told me ultimately it is my decision as he is only the doctor. So I talked with my mom and told her I needed to pray to know what to do next. I want so badly to go back to Ecuador and finish my mission. There are so many more people that I need to teach and meet. So many more lessons to learn. But for right now my body is just recovering. I am going to pray this week and counsel with the Lord to know what to do next. It is only him who can help me make this decision.

So basically right now I am leaning on the Lord yet again. So that I know what the right decision is in my life at this time. I know what my doctor thinks (he doesn't want me to go back to Ecuador) however just like with the decision to go on my mission, I am going to lean on the Lord and find out what I need to do next. I know what Mom thinks too, she just tells me to live with it and go back and finish my mission. (lol I feel her love :D) I have learned this week that I am grateful for all of your support and grateful that I am able to talk with you all and see what your thoughts are. I am truly grateful for that. 

One thing that I realized this week, was that in a blessing I got before I went on my mission and before I left Ecuador I was told the same thing, that the Lord would love me no matter what my decision was. That he would support me in what I decided. I know that I can go to him again and pray to know what the next decision is at this time. So that is my plan. I know I have weeks to recover and heal but I need the Lord to help me with what to do next.

Love you all, Hermana Weller


  1. Good to have some answers! It will all work out. I'm so glad we can get answers to our prayers

  2. I know you will find the answers you are seeking from the Lord. We love you!

  3. Hi Hermana Weller, my daughter is Hermana Flamm. She sent me a few cute pictures of the two of you together. She said you are so wonderful and that you were a great help to her! Thank you! I am so sorry that you are going through all of this and I hope you find answers and feel better soon! Love, Angela Flamm